Why Reese Witherspoon chose to share a rare photograph of her three children.


In terms of sharing the in depth details of her life, Reese Witherspoon remains relatively private.

She hardly ever posts photos of her three children to Instagram.

But this Thursday, Reese chose to share a very special moment in her family’s life with her followers on Instagram. You see all three of her children were graduating school at the same time, and no, she doesn’t have triplets.

reece witherspoon children
Ava Phillippe is the spitting image of Reece Witherspoon in the movie Election. Image: reecewitherspoon Instagram.

Her 18-year old daughter Ava Phillippe graduated high school, her 14-year-old son Deacon Phillippe graduated middle school, and her five-year-old son Tennessee Toth graduated preschool. Reese was clearly bubbling with excitement, filling her Instagram story with photos of her kids celebrating.


One of the photos uploaded to her story was a picture of the 42-year-old actress' children embracing one another, with the title,"The Three Grads", written at the top.

As endearing as Reese's Instagram celebration was, her daughter Ava acknowledged her graduation in our favourite way: A throwback photo.