Reese Witherspoon says she doesn't look like her daughter Ava. She's objectively wrong.

Reese Witherspoon and her daughter, Ava Phillippe, are literal twins, and we won’t be told otherwise.

Sure, there are 23 years between them, but their likeness seems to go beyond basic genetics, leading us to think that Ava might actually be Reese’s clone. 

The two have every single feature in common, and – if you ask us – can only be told apart on the odd occasion Ava dyes her hair pink (which makes her look like the alternative, rebel twin to Reese’s clean-cut, organised twin).

For years now we’ve been stunned at how alike the two are, noticing it as soon as Ava began appearing beside her mum at events in the early 2010s.

But apparently Reese herself is unaware that Ava is her clone, rather than her daughter, mentioning on American breakfast show Today that she and Ava don’t really think they’re that alike.

“She and I don’t see [the resemblance] that much,” she told host Jenna Bush Hager, and seriously? We call bull. Your face has been copy-pasted onto your daughter, and it’s kind of terrifying.

Tell us these women are not exactly alike i.e. the same woman. TELL US.

Even the teeth are the same. Image: Instagram 


The hair is the same. Image: Getty. 


The matching sweaters aren't helping the whole... twin thing. Image: Instagram. 

THEY ARE THE SAME. Image: Instagram. 


That third image in particular has us double-taking. We can only tell them apart by Ava's nose ring, truly.

Image: NBC/Mamamia. If there’s a part of you that’s still squinting at the pictures, thinking they maybe aren’t that similar after all (you’re incorrect), wait till you see this.


Ava was born in 1999 and is 23 years old, the same age Reese was when she had her daughter.

That same year, she also starred in Cruel Intentions, and just two years after, she starred in one of the most culturally important films of the 2000s – Legally Blonde.

If you’re not convinced that Ava looks like 46-year-old Reese, you can see here that she’s still 23-year-old Reese’s literal carbon copy.

If Ava had the same headband, we think these images might have been identical. Image: Instagram/Getty. 


The same smile, two decades apart. Image: Getty. 

Image: Instagram/mgm. 

If someone could point Reese to this extensive research piece, we'd be appreciative. Meanwhile, we'll assume she's mistaking Ava for her own reflection, which would make for a hilarious Instagram reel. 

While we're pretty sure Ava is more into fashion than acting, we can't help but point out that Mindy Kaling is currently writing Legally Blonde 3...

Even if she didn't want to reprise the role of Elle Woods, we're sure there's room in the script for Elle Woods' daughter.

Come on Ava! Give us what we want.

Feature Image: Instagram/Getty/Mamamia

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