The ridiculous fan theory behind Meghan Markle's purple folder.

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UPDATE: So… we were wrong. Because it turns out that Meghan Markle is definitely pregnant with Prince Harry’s child. For real. (Buckingham Palace has confirmed this so it’s true.) So that will end the crazy pregnancy speculation… that is until everyone starts wondering when baby number two is on the way. 

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle walk among us.

They are on Australian soil RIGHT NOW and we’re trying to stay calm but we also need to do all the excited wees.

Yes, it’s all very thrilling, but it also means it’s time for eager royal fans to scrutinise the couple’s every move – because that’s how they pass their time when there isn’t a royal wedding on.

So far the wildest theories of course, relate to Meghan and the fact that she might just be pregnant.

Meghan wore a green dress with her hair in a ponytail? Pregnant.

She ate an apple while looking out the window with her legs crossed? Pregnant.

She scratched her nose while holding a half-full water bottle? Pregnant. Possibly with twins.

While the bizarre theories have been coming in thick and fast pretty much since the couple got married, we think Twitter users could be onto something with this latest addition.

It involves a purple folder.

And we all know what that means.

Yes – when Meghan was seen holding a purple folder near her stomach at Sydney Airport this morning, people were quick to speculate that she MUST BE PREGNANT – including actress Rebecca Gibney on the Kyle and Jackie O radio show.


During the program, Kyle Sandilands asked Rebecca “why would she be carrying a folder?”, to which the actress replied “exactly”. Jackie O chimed in, joking that the folders were so big she “must be carrying twins”.









It has nothing to do with the fact that she’s probably just very organised and has all her itinerary documents in one handy place.

Or maybe has done some comprehensive research on deadly Australian critters and how to avoid them.

OR perhaps she’s written down the names of all past, present and potential prime ministers in the likely event of another leadership spill this week.


It’s definitely because she’s pregnant.

With quintuplets.

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