While everyone was wondering whether Meghan Markle was pregnant, we noticed something else.

After Princess Eugenie’s wedding, people began whispering – rather loudly – about Megan Markle‘s super chic yet, er, roomy, Givenchy ensemble, which was rumoured to be the ultimate pregnancy cover up.

It could also just be a comfortable navy coat, but nevertheless, the people had their theories. 

But we happened to notice something else entirely.


Megan Markle at Princess Eugenie's wedding
The RINGS. Image: Getty.

We need to talk about the accessories.

The Duchess of Sussex seems to be very loyal when it comes to the designers she wears. Givenchy, who created her very own wedding dress, was also the name attached to the navy, rumour inducing outfit Markle wore to Princess Eugenie's wedding.

As for her accessories, Markle frequently looks to London-based ethical jewellery designer, Pippa Small, as she did on this occasion.


Markle's right hand was dressed in Pippa Small's Herkimer Diamond Collection. All the gold rings, bracelets, and studs were from this same designer, and we can't quite look away.

This decked out level of sparkle isn't her usual style. Markle was recently pictured wearing just one ring as she more often does - and it was an affordable one too.

Megan Markle Sussex
Markle wearing Missoma. Image: Getty.

During her first official visit to Sussex, Markle wore this 85 pound (that's around AUD$150) Missoma 'Mantra Open Heart' signet ring, accompanied with a bracelet from the same designer.

But just as the Pippa Small jewellery she wore to Princess Eugenie's wedding is, these Missoma accessories are all sold out.

She's a style icon, after all.