The unusual details you missed in Princess Eugenie's official wedding photos.

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It wouldn’t be a royal wedding if eagle-eyed social media users hadn’t pointed out every single detail in the official photographs, would it?

Well – we’re pleased to report Princess Eugenie’s official photos – posted on the Kensington Palace Instagram yesterday – have not been exempt from this very sacred tradition.

The images, snapped by British fashion photographer Alex Bramall inside Windsor Castle, depict a beaming bride and groom along with their adorable bridal party and both their families.


But from a very mysterious white object, a rogue foot and the surprising positioning of family members – there is plenty to spy on closer inspection of the photographs.


Here’s what you missed:

Page boy Louis de Givenchy didn’t seem to know what was going on.


Louis, the six-year-old son of JP Morgan executive Olivier de Givenchy and wife Zoe, looked as though whatever was going on in the corner was waaayy more interesting than the lady with the camera.

Perhaps he, too, was trying to figure out what mysterious white object Mia Tindall was holding on the other side of the room (more on that later).


The door is open, we repeat THE DOOR IS OPEN.

Does the culprit live in a tent?

We don't think The Queen would be smiling so widely if she realised what ghastly business was going on behind her.

The doors were...*shudder* left open, during the photograph.

Keen royalists were not impressed on Instagram.

“They could’ve at least shut the door behind them," one said.


Well I never.

The Queen tried to hide her royal handbag.

The Queen hid her bag from Princess Charlotte, the royal family thief.

The Queen - who is featured front and centre in the shot - appears to have attempted to conceal her handbag behind her legs.

... But we can totally see it and now we can't stop wondering what could be in there.

Corgi treats? Pepper spray? A spare set of gloves?


One thing's for sure - it is positioned well away from Princess Charlotte, who cannot be trusted around handbags at weddings after she was caught attempting to steal her own mother's purse earlier this year.

Prince Philip is sitting next to Sarah Ferguson.

Could it be? Have Fergie and Prince Philip buried the hatchet?

The photograph signifies the first time the Duchess of York has been pictured with the Queen in decades.

Fergie, who split from Prince Andrew in 1996 and has made salacious headlines over the years, is rarely pictured with the royal family, and famously wasn't invited to Kate Middleton and Prince William's 2011 nuptials.


Royal watchers have called the image "extraordinary" for the fact that 97-year-old Prince Philip, who is widely reported to hold resentment towards the controversial family member, was not only photographed with her, but sitting beside her.

There's a foot on Princess Eugenie's dress.

The foot was not included in the original Peter Pilotto design.

Seven-year-old Savannah Phillips, the daughter of Peter and Autumn Phillips, was captured grinning widely as she stood on Princess Eugenie’s train.

Either she was totally unaware that her foot had found its place on the stunning gown designed by Peter Pilotto and Christopher De Vos, or we're looking at the mischievous face of a downright trickster.

BUT WAIT, what is going on... next to her?


Mia Tindall is holding a mysterious white object and we demand to know what it is.

Is that a...mushroom?

Not only is the four-year-old bridesmaid and daughter of Zara Tindall looking less than impressed, she seems to be holding an oddly-shaped... thing.

The unidentified white object has left fans scratching their heads, but whatever it is doesn't seem to bring her much joy, so it's either:

-A really boring toy

-An inahler

-A mushroom

Twitter users weighed in on the toy, as well as Mia's overall vibe (it's a real Monday morning mood):





Princess Charlotte being adorable.

Looking every bit the perfect royal, three-year-old Princess Charlotte seems to have mastered her posing prowess already, sitting with her legs crossed at the ankles smiling directly into the camera.

Princess Charlotte attempting to look innocent.