Now the pomp and ceremony is over, King Charles has a big problem on his hands: Prince Andrew.

After a coronation filled with pomp and ceremony that cost taxpayers millions of dollars, King Charles is likely basking in his post-coronation glow. 

But there's one major thorn in King Charles' side that is interrupting his moment in the spotlight. 

It's his brother, Prince Andrew. 

Ever since that infamous BBC interview, Prince Andrew has been pushed to retreat further and further away from the spotlight. And for good reason.

Andrew resigned as a 'working royal' in 2019, months after his proximity to convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein resurfaced. Then followed the disastrous TV interview about sexual abuse allegations.

In 2022, Andrew settled a civil sexual assault case with a payout to his accuser, Virginia Giuffre. Around the same time, the royal family announced Andrew's military links and royal patronages had been removed and he would no longer be known as "His Royal Highness".

Watch some of the Prince Andrew BBC interview here. Post continues below.

Video via BBC.

Andrew has always maintained his innocence, and the settlement does not admit to any of the allegations. But the settlement didn't exactly bode well with the public. 

Despite Andrew being shunned from his former working royal life, he has managed to remain a problem for King Charles. 


This week, Andrew reportedly spat the dummy, refusing to vacate his royal mansion despite his brother asking him to.

Andrew and his ex-wife Sarah 'Fergie' Ferguson have lived in the Royal Lodge in Windsor for decades now. And just in case you were wondering how lush the Royal Lodge is — it's very lush. 

We're talking 30 rooms, six lodge cottages on the property, a royal chapel and some very regal-looking interior design, all sitting within 98 acres of Windsor land.

Does Prince Andrew need 30 rooms? No.

Does any royal need 30 rooms? Also no.

It's believed that King Charles wants to move his brother and former sister-in-law from the Royal Lodge to the smaller Frogmore Cottage. If that sounds familiar, it's likely because it was once inhabited by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle before they moved to the United States.

It's got ten bedrooms, recently had a multi-million dollar renovation and a world-renowned interior designer fit out the estate. 

Alas, Andrew ain't having any of it. 

The Yorks have been reportedly told by Buckingham Palace officials they must vacate the residence by September at the latest. It comes soon after Andrew had his yearly subsidy of more than $AUD435,000 cut drastically in April — some of this money used to pay the exxy maintenance fees on the Royal Lodge. 

Image: BBC/Mamamia.


The decision from Charles is widely understood to be related to Prince William who is expected to one day relocate to the Royal Lodge with his immediate family. 

It's been said Andrew has now demanded to meet the King to discuss the eviction concerns, and likely the cut to his allowance too. 

For the general public, this whole debacle is a bit of an ick.

And that's never something a brand-new monarch wants to hear. But right now, one of Charles' number one PR problems is his brother.

Even during the coronation, King Charles did everything he could to push his controversial brother out of shot from almost all the TV coverage —  placing Andrew behind a pillar in the Abbey. Clever Charles.


But alas, Andrew still managed to stir public contempt, with crowds booing his car as he headed to the coronation. 

It's been reported that Andrew did take part in the official photoshoot for the coronation last week... but the portraits probably won't see the light of day. 

At the ceremony itself, Andrew wore the fancy (and official) Garter robes with fellow members of the royal family, despite him not being a working member of the monarchy. For context, fellow non-working royal Prince Harry wore a suit. And of course, comparisons between the pair are purely on the level of both being non-working royals — given only one of them is associated with serious criminal allegations. 

It's believed Andrew himself requested to wear the very fancy robes, the King having to give him permission. 

Ultimately, King Charles will have a number of figurative mountains to climb during his reign, trying to convince not only his country and the Commonwealth, but the entire world that the British Monarchy is still relevant.

But it appears he needs to address the situation closer to home first – as when the most controversial figure in the monarchy continues to spur reports dripping in entitlement, there lies the biggest battle for King Charles.

Feature Image: Getty/Mamamia.

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