ROADTEST: 5 women, sizes 10-26, review jeans from an inclusive denim brand.

In Mamamia’s Roadtest series, real women trial the latest trends, treatments and techniques you need to know about - and share their honest thoughts. If it's out there, you can bet we've tried it. This week, five women with different body shapes try denim styles from Embody Jeans.

When it comes to shopping, there are few things that can top finding the perfect pair of jeans. 

You know the ones; figure-loving, comfortable, and the kind of cut and style you know will be a staple in your wardrobe for years to come. 

In saying that, it's very hard to find a good pair of jeans to go the distance with - especially when you're plus-size.

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Enter: denim and apparel label Embody Women, founded by Natalie Wakeling - a plus-size model who saw a gap in the market for great jeans that work for lots of different bodies (all items in the Embody range go up to a size 26.)

What gives the brand another tick in our books? The clothes are made with sustainability front of mind - from using recycled fibres to eco-friendly wash and dying techniques, and a commitment to ethical working conditions for garment makers. And that means that yes, their jeans are a little more on the spendy side.


So how do their styles stack up on Australian women, and is the price tag worth it? We asked five Mamamia employees of different sizes to try Embody Women's range of denim jeans, all priced at $259.95

Here are their honest thoughts, plus all the details on how they styled their denim.

Eleanor, size 10.

Eleanor in the Embody Women Jacqui Indigo Skinny Jeans, $249.95. Image: Supplied.


Eleanor's personal style: I would say it's quite simple, classic and chic. While I do throw in some statement pieces, I like to stick to somewhat of a capsule wardrobe. This means I ensure I'm getting the most out of my clothes and can wear things multiple ways. I absolutely love jeans - they go with everything, can be paired with heels or sneakers (ultimate versatility) and it's no secret that a killer pair can massively boost your confidence level.

Which style of Embody Jeans did Eleanor try out? I tried the Tempt Indigo Narrow Jean and the Jacqui Indigo Skinny Jean, both in a size 10.

How Eleanor styled the jeans: I styled my jeans with a long-sleeved black ribbed top and black sandals. We've only just gotten into the chilly winter weather and transitional season dressing is always quite difficult to master. But these jeans aren't too thick, so they're the perfect pair for most climates. I went with strappy black sandals for a casual, yet refined look. A low pony and some gold earrings are also part of my recipe for a successful outfit.

Both pairs went on LIKE A DREAM, no jumping or pulling or anything, which is always a good sign. They're true to size, while also having a little stretch in them for comfort. Comfort is the main factor I look for with clothes and these jeans definitely passed the test. 

Eleanor in the Embody Women Tempt Indigo Narrow Jeans. Image: Supplied.


The cut for the Tempt Indigo Narrow Jeans was super flattering, and even though they were a mid-rise, I didn't feel self-conscious of my tummy as they still provided some support around the mid-region which I liked. 

It made me feel confident wearing this style, as I usually opt for high waists. As for the Jacqui Indigo Skinny Jeans, I loved the material - they felt like really comfortable leggings, while still giving you the structure and support of a jean. 


I would definitely recommend these to women of my size who are looking for some comfortable and flattering jeans.

Bridgette, size 12.

Bridgette in the Embody Women Bella Baby Blue Jeans. Image: Supplied.

Bridgette's personal style: I usually opt for neutral tones with a touch of denim. I'm not great at accessorising and don't often wear jewellery, but I'll often add a cute bag or a pair of sunnies to dress up an outfit. The main bulk of my wardrobe is made up of black, white and grey t-shirts and I have a big selection of pants (mostly jeans) and also denim overalls. 


I love to be able to mix and match. I always reach for a high waist, as I feel like it's the most flattering cut for my body shape. For me, comfort is a non-negotiable. I always look for jeans that have the "stretch" label because I find regular jeans really uncomfortable around my waist. 

Which style of Embody Jeans did Bridgette try out? The Bella Baby Blue Jeans in a size 12.

How Bridgett styled the jeans: I went with a basic white cropped tee, a rattan bag and a pair of cream coloured western style boots. Because the jeans are such a statement piece, I decided to go with basics to finish off the look.

The jeans are SO comfortable, they honestly feel like you're slipping into a pair of leggings. They fit really well. Normally jeans are really tight around my hips/tummy, but these were perfect. I'm quite tall and they were a really nice length on me - I wore boots with a short heel.

I would absolutely recommend them. I'm normally more of a straight leg or mum jeans kinda gal but I was pleasantly surprised at how the wide leg jeans looked on my body shape.

Rose, size 20.

Rose in the Embody Women Jacqui Vintage Blue Jeans. Image: Supplied.


Rose's personal style: I'm not typically a jeans wearer - I generally wear dresses or skirts. But every winter, I end up going on a quest to find the perfect denim. I love to wear colours and fun patterns, so I feel like I could use some jeans to balance out the vibrant tops and jumpers.

Which style of Embody Jeans did Rose try out? I tried the Jacqui Vintage Blue jeans in a size 20 - they're a high-waisted skinny jean.

How Rose styled the jeans: It was very cold the first day I trialled the jeans for a work office day, so I wanted to feel comfy and warm. I paired the pants with a big rainbow jumper and some vintage Doc Martens. I also wore the jeans to a brewery a few days later, so I styled them with a band tee, ankle boots and a fluffy coat.


I love how the jeans look. They're really snug and smooth on the legs. I'm typically a size 18-20 and these jeans are a 20. I would say to anyone who carries their weight around their belly or hips to size up once or twice. I probably would have also fitted a size larger. If you like a jean that feels supportive, they definitely "hold you in", and they're quite versatile and could be styled lots of different ways - whether you're dressing them up or down! 

When it warms up, I'd love to style them with a big oversized button-up shirt.

Tys, size 26.

Tys in the Embody Women Tempt Indigo Narrow Jeans. Image: Supplied.


Tys' personal style: I tend to lean towards comfort over being 'trendy'. Looking and feeling cute, comfortable and confident is paramount to me. I would love to wear jeans more but find it really hard to find a comfortable pair that fit.

Which style of Embody Jeans did Tys try out? I wore the Tempt Indigo Narrow Jeans in a size 26. I am typically a size 22 but found I had to go two sizes up. This pair does have a bit of stretch, and sits quite low. I also tried on a size 24 initially, but found they were a bit too tight around my waist.

How Tys styled the jeans: I went with a black singlet, yellow cardigan and red sandals from Twoobs. I always try to add a pop of colour. I really liked the shade of the jeans and it could really go with any outfit, whether dressed up or casual.

Overall the jeans were a really nice fabric, colour and stretch. I am a big fan of a very high waist which I wish these jeans had, but I still received multiple compliments wearing them! 

I would recommend these to plus-size women, but would suggest sizing up if you have a curvier shape as they are quite a snug fit!

Maddie, size 10-12.

  Maddi in the Embody Women Brooke Vintage Flair Jeans. Image: Supplied.


Maddie's personal style: For me, fashion is a way to express myself and what I wear changes with my mood and the weather; from girly dresses, suits and shorts to denim and everything in between. I have a love-hate relationship with jeans. I adore them for their versatility - they're perfect for when you don't know what to wear and are having an outfit crisis. That being said, I do find it hard to find the right fit, so shopping for jeans can bruise your self-esteem. Whether they give you major camel toe, feel like they'll burst if you sit down, or are baggy where they shouldn't be, it's a pain! But everyone needs a few pairs of jeans, so when you find the right fit the payoff is SO worth it. 


Which style of Embody Jeans did Maddie try out? I tried two pairs - the Brooke Vintage Flair Jeans and the Bella Baby Blue Jeans, both in a size 12.

How Maddie styled the jeans: For the Brooke Vintage Flare Jeans, I have to be honest with you all - I don't usually opt for flared jeans, as I don't love jeans being tight around my thighs. 

However, I wore these and I am now officially a convert! They are SO flattering and the length is perfect. I never once tripped over the ends. I paired them with a tight black singlet and my trusty slide sandals.

When it gets cooler, these would look ace with black healed boots and a blazer. I also NEED to mention the colour. The deep blue is gorgeous and unlike any pair of jeans I own.

I found the Bella Baby Blue Jeans a bit harder to style as I don't think I've ever owned jeans that weren't high-waisted. The lower waist gives me serious 90s babe vibes. I styled them with an oversized white shirt, which you can wear untucked, tied up or half tucked. 

Maddie in the Embody Women Bella Baby Blue Jeans. Image: Supplied.


I sit between a 10-12 and received a size 12 to try. I would 100 per cent recommend these jeans. They're a stretchy fit and mould to your body, so they will genuinely always look good! If you're a similar size to me, I'd suggest sizing down. My jeans were a little big, but not enough to stop me from wearing them.

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Feature Image: Mamamia.

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