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1. “At the beginning of her career, she needed me more.” Perez Hilton has opened up about his friendship with Kim Kardashian.

There was a time when gossip expert, Perez Hilton and Kim Kardashian were best friends. Then in August 2015, Perez announced he would be enacting a week-long Kardashian Kleanse on his website in which he would post nothing about the Kardashian/Jenner family. Kim Kardashian promptly unfollowed him on Twitter before cutting his character from her iPhone game. The ultimate betrayal.

They’ve since apparently recovered from that blip – he even attended her 2014 wedding to Kanye West. Last night, the 41-year-old spoke about their friendship on I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here.

“We’re friends. Well, good acquaintances,” he told fellow contestant, Tanya Hennessy. He then added that they were more friendly back in the day than they are now.

“At the beginning of her career, she needed me more. Then she became this super big star and didn’t need me as much.

“But I think it’s flattering. I love it when my friends become superstars. Then it becomes really difficult to maintain a friendship because they’re a superstar.”


Speaking about their wedding, he confirmed that while he had fun, their guests were subjected to rules.

“It’s annoying now when you go to one of these celebrity weddings and they make you take your phone and check it in,” he said.

“Because they don’t want anybody leaking photos.”


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And we guess that’s just life for the (extremely) rich and famous.

On The Spill today, hosts, Kee Reece & Laura Brodnik talk about Celeste Barber’s upcoming role at the Melbourne Fashion Festival, Taylor Swift’s soon-to-be-released documentary and share their Weekend Watch. Post continues below.

2. ‘She’s a flat out diva.’ Rhonda Burchmore has made her feelings known about Nicole Kidman on I’m a Celeb.

Australian performer, Rhonda Burchmore has called Nicole Kidman a “flat out” diva and yes, shots have very much been fired.

Currently roughing it in the South African jungle as a contestant on I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here, the entertainer shared with Charlotte Crosby exactly what she thought of the Bombshell actress.

“I knew (Kidman) when she was still at acting school,” she said.

However, when Crosby continued to ask her “what was she like,” Burchmore simply responded that she was “beautiful”. After more pressing, the Love Child actress admitted she wasn’t well liked while she was on the 2008 film, Australia, which was directed by Baz Lurhman.

“She was doing the movie Australia [and] she would complain about the cows and the blowflies,” said Burchmore.


“[She’d say] ‘Someone make those cows stop mooing’.”


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When Crosby asked her if she was saying that Kidman was a diva, Burchmore replied, “flat out.”

Since being on the reality TV show, Burchmore has offered several salacious tidbits of celebrity gossip, from the time she reportedly spent “the most beautiful evening” with Colin Firth to the time Richard Wilkins tried to court American actress, Brooke Shields.

The 59-year-old is best known for her stage work, having appeared in Australia productions of Guys and Dolls, Mamma Mia! and The Drowsy Chaperone in 2010 with Geoffrey Rush.


3. Kyle Sandilands has revealed the most disgusting thing that’s happened to him during sex and… it’s seriously gross.

Kyle Sandilands has said his fair share of gross things on his morning radio show, The Kyle and Jackie O Show on KISS FM, but this is up there with the worst.


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During an interview with Sophie Monk this morning, Sandilands revealed the most disgusting thing that has happened to him during sex.

It all began when Monk shared with the radio hosts that she can fit her entire fist in her mouth.


Jackie O Henderson then tried to do it herself. However, began gagging and couldn’t manage to make it fit.

Laughing at his co-host, Sandilands said, “She’s a gagger, which is very unsexy.”

And to the shock of Monk, Henderson and the listeners, he added, “I’ve been chundered on before in a different sort of situation.”


4. Jessica Simpson realised she had to stop drinking after she was unable to dress her kids on Halloween.

In an except from her upcoming memoir, Open Book, Jessica Simpson has revealed the moment she knew she had to stop drinking in October 2017.

The actress and mother of three shared that on the day that her and husband, Eric Johnson, were hosting a Halloween party, she began drinking early on, and continued throughout the day.

She recalled that on that morning, when travelling to her daughter’s assembly with her husband, she was already buzzed.

Simpson shared, “It was 7.30 in the morning and I’d already had a drink.”

Later during the day, whilst prepping for the party, she found herself zoned out and dazed as her team tried to get her dressed in her costume.


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Once she was ready, Johnson asked whether she wanted to help her kids get ready too, but Simpson apprehensively said no.

“I was terrified of them seeing me in that shape,” she said.

Once the party had come to an end, she noted that she took an Ambien pill and slept in.

“I slept in, afraid to see them, afraid I had failed them. I hid until they left, then drank.”

Jessica Simpson’s memoir and audiobook Open Book will be released on February 4.

5. An exposé: The 5 lies James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke told us.

We’ve been fibbed to. By some people in Hollywood.

We know, we know. It’s a shock, and it may be difficult to accept at first. But it’s important that we, the media, hold people to account when they attempt to conceal information that’s in the public interest.


People like Late Late Show host James Corden who sometimes only pretends to drive that Range Rover on his popular Carpool Karaoke segment.

James Corden attended the royal wedding with his wife Julia. Image: Getty.
The face of a liar. Were you even at the royal wedding??? Image: Getty.

Thanks to a brave whistleblower/some bloke who happened to be sitting outside a Los Angeles cafe when Corden “drove” past, we have video proof that all wheel-turning and watching-the-road is straight-up TV trickery.

But there are other things Carpool Karaoke has failed to disclose to viewers. Read our exposé from our earlier post here.