Excuse us, this mum-of-five has made the pantry of our dreams and she's only used budget items.

In a world full of home organisation hacks and rainbow bookcases, one Aussie mum has quite literally created the pantry of our dreams. And we need to talk about it immediately. 

Sharing photos in the Mums Who Organise Facebook group, Kerry Middleton explained how she designed her incredibly organised butlers' pantry, complete with a breakfast bar and snack drawers. 

"It turned out exactly how I envisioned it two-and-a-half years ago, now all I’m waiting on is the butler to appear," she wrote in her post.

As a mum of five, Kerry always dreamed of having a bigger pantry with more storage. So when her family undertook a major home renovation of their new house, a butler's pantry was top of the list. 

"The pantry was always a dream that I had. I spent years having a very small kitchen with barely any storage space. As a large family we were storing our kitchen supplies and appliances all over the house. In every spare piece of space we could find, kids bedroom cupboards, the garage, the home office," she told Mamamia.

Now her pantry is an organised haven of clearly labelled containers and drawers, which are cleverly ordered into categories from cereal to canned food. 

"I have divided the pantry into different zones to help with the flow and usability," Kerry explained.


"The first three sections have all the baking goods, including overflow bins at the top for any extra bags of sugar etc. Then the coffee, tea and milk flavours are next to the coffee machine and the kettle."

The next section - arguably the most important - is for the snacks.

"I chose not to label these containers, and it makes them easily interchangeable as to what the kids are liking or what is on special at the supermarket at the time."

Next up is our personal favourite, the breakfast supplies, including some very handy cereal dispensers. 

The kitchen appliances are tucked away in the bottom shelves and the bottom drawers are organised into different categories like fruit, vegetables, bakery and sweet and savoury canned food.

Not only has Kerry achieved peak #pantry goals, but she created it all using budget items from Kmart, Woolworths and IKEA.

Here's a full list of what containers she used: 


Medium and Wide Bamboo Drawer Tidy $4.50

Medium and Narrow Bamboo Drawer Tidy $3.25

Bamboo Stackable Basket – Large $10

2.8L Tall Food Container with Bamboo Lid $8


1L Wide Food Container with Bamboo Lid $6

2.8L Food Storage Container $7

3.5L Food Storage Container $7

1L Food Storage Container $5

Expandable Drawer Dividers (2pk) $6


Sistema Storage with Tray 3.86L $4* half price sale


Scullery Essentials Oil Bottle 500ml $9.95* on sale

Howards Storage World

Mimi Pantry Container – Wide $12.95


Kuggis with lid 26x35x15 $12.99

Skakara Storage Box 26x35x15 $29.99

Maximera divider for drawers $15

Big W

Décor Tellfresh Super Storer 8.5L $8* half price special


Lock & Lock 12L Pantry Container $16* special buy

Online (I have just had a search and found them on Amazon)

Oxo Countertop Cereal Dispenser $54

Altogether, the containers cost her $1,202.69. 

Kerry also made the labels herself using a Silhouette Cameo machine out of vinyl, which she sells on her Etsy shop Labelling Chaos.  

And she's created a genius way to keep track of expiry dates. 

"The used by date is written on the bottom of the container in a liquid chalk pen that doesn’t wipe off unless it gets wet," she explained on her post.

Her pantry design has also gone over a treat with her kids.

"My kids absolutely love the pantry. They love how easy it is to find things and are always asking to help find all the ingredient we need when cooking. Their favourite part is decanting all the food from the grocery shopping in to the containers!" 

And when it comes to home organisation, Kerry has a few other tips.  

"I use colour coding in my laundry, with coat hangers and bath towels and I obviously love labelling. I believe it makes everything look finished and makes it easy for everyone to know where everything belongs," she said. 

"I fully believe in putting in the effort once and being able to reap the benefits of an organised space long term."

Feature Image: Instagram @renovating.number.twenty.one/Supplied.