'It's everything I wanted.' 8 things the Mamamia team shopped this month.

I don’t know about you, but I love sticking my nose into other people’s shopping carts

What are they buying? How much does it cost? Should I get one for myself?

I’m nosey and I’m not ashamed. 

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As someone who very much loves to shop, I enjoy seeing what other people are spending their hard earned money on, and I almost always walk away with my wallet feeling a lot lighter (so proceed with caution).

So, to mark the end of September, I asked the Mamamia team to tell me everything that they bought last month.

From delicate jewellery to sky-high platform heels, here is everything the team hit 'purchase' on, and why they rate them all.

Araminta James Good Days Drill Shirt, $129.

Image: Supplied.

“Getting into warmer months I’ve been keen to start wearing more denim tops and denim dresses. This denim shirt is such a unique colour, I love the contrast stitching, and it’s very breathable which is great for summer weather. I’ve worn it both buttoned up and as an overshirt with a bikini top underneath when at the beach.” – Isabella Ross, Senior News Writer.

Daisy Street Platform Flared Heeled Shoes in Rainbow Glitter, $60.

Image: Supplied.


“I bought these beauties for a friend's disco-themed birthday and did not think I'd love them half as much as I do. I've owned them for three weeks and I've already worn them on two nights out and will always have people ask me where I got them! They're deceptively comfy even though they give you 11cm of height because of that lush platform. The finish is also beautiful – it's not loose glitter, so I don't leave a trail of sparkle when I wear them (a shame, really), but more importantly, it means that they don't shed and go dull after a few wears. I can already tell these will be my favourites for years to come.” – Alex Anastassiou, Social Team Lead.

Maison de Sabré Small Messenger Bag, $269.

Image: Maison De Sabre.

"I think this might be the best size for a small bag I've seen in a long time. This one from Maison de Sabré elevates your style and brings a look together effortlessly. It has a boxy silhouette with soft edges and five (FIVE?!) storage space compartments. I am genuinely floored by how much I love this unisex bag, so much so that my housemate and I take turns arguing over who gets to wear it (which is confusing since I own it...). It's the NO.1 thing I tell people they need to get for a trip overseas. LIFE CHANGED, thank you Maison de Sabré!!!" – Shannen Findlay, Content Producer.

Najo Halcyon Yellow Gold Bracelet, $89.

Image: Supplied.


“I’ve been in the market for a new bracelet for a while now and this one from NAJO is everything I wanted. I love the shiny gold hardware (it’s 14kt yellow gold plated, for reference) and It’s super dainty.” – Isabella Ross, Senior News Writer.

MIMCO Stevie Tote Bag, $299.95.

Image: Mimco.

"I’ve been in search of a versatile tote for a hot minute now. One that’s both spacious but also easy to carry on my morning commute. Then I found out that the Stevie tote from MIMCO came in denim and I was sold. This bag now accompanies me not only to work but also the beach. It’s a stylish and sturdy addition to any busy woman’s collection." – Isabelle Dolphin, Social Media Producer.

Kmart Denim Midi Skirt, $25.

Image: Supplied.

"Kmart has been on point with their denim lately (or maybe they've always been and I've only just started to take notice), and this trending midi skirt is no exception. It is definitely a major throwback to a skirt I had circa 2000, when I was in Year 10 (just quietly revealing my age there) – and at $25, how could I not? Word of warning if you do plan to get your mitts on one: it's super, extra stretchy. I sized down with a 12, and after sitting down in it for a day in it at work, I'll need to wash to get it back to its original shape. For for 25 bucks, I can handle that."


Gorman Stardust Heel, $229.

Image: Gorman.

“I bought these shoes! So excited to turn every outfit from ‘meh’ to ‘Disco Superstar fabulous.'” – Pip Lamb, Media Sales Manager.

Oh Polly Embellished A-Line Mini Skirt in Black, $88.

Image: Supplied.

“This fabulous skirt is from Oh Polly. The sparkles, the colour, the fit – so so so good! I wore it to a bachelorette party, which was perfect.” – Isabella Ross, Senior News Writer.

Did you buy something new last month? Tell us about it in the comments!

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