'The new summer 'It Dress' is denim. And I found one for $30.'

The whole denim dress trend didn't creep up on me slowly. 

I was just out here, minding my business, when bang - I decided I *needed* a replica of a super-sweet denim dress I'd worn to death when I was a tween. Aka in the '90s, because what goes around comes around, etc. 

To be fair, I'd probably seen someone wearing something similar and subliminally decided I needed one too, but as far as I'm concerned, this was a super-original fashion idea and the fact that denim dresses are everywhere doesn't make it not so.

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After I found my God Jeans at Kmart, I've been spending more time in their clothing aisles than usual. But it was luck - pure luck - that the day I strolled into my local store, they had a fresh, full rack of exactly what I was looking for.

A denim mini dress. 

With short sleeves.

Buttons down the front.

A tie at the waist. 

Hello, dream denim dress.


Here's the thing is though - while I am ready to propose to this dress, I am also completely aware that it's a trend piece and as a fickle lover, I could be well and truly over my Current Favourite Dress in a fortnight. So the fact that I only had to shell out 30 bucks for the Short Sleeve Denim Button Front Mini Dress makes me... really really happy.

Alix in her denim dress. Image: Supplied.

The fit. 

Kmart sizing and I (and, everyone?) have a complicated relationship. 


Sometimes I'm a 14. Sometimes a 12. Sometimes 16. 

Then there are the times I'll try on the same piece in two different colours and need different sizes for each, and how that works up is truly beyond me. But I grabbed a couple of sizes (I usually do this, then don't look at the label before I try them on - just go by fit and feel, and whatever size it happens to be is irrelevant if it feels and looks good).

I ended up with a 14 (my usual size), and I probably could've gone a 12, as there's a little bit of gapage at the back, but there weren't any on the rack and I'm impatient, so I told myself I'd put some extra stitches in (I... will not put extra stitches in) and bought it. 

So far, no stitches added, no problem - still cute as heck. 

The comfort factor.

When I was talking about my new denim dress with a friend, her thoughts were along the lines of, "For summer? Heck no! Too heavy, too sweaty." And yeah, I get it. 

Would I wear this bad boi on a 38-degree day? Probably not. I probably want to be naked under an air conditioner, or floating in a large body of water on a 38-degree day. But for spring, and those not-too-hot-but-still-warm days, it's been an absolute winner.

Plus with the waist tie, I can cinch it as much as I like (or as little - making it a great option for a big lunch with the gals).

The downsides.

Pockets. There are none.


This is a real sore point for me because... pockets. Every dress needs pockets. I will die on this hill.

The final word.

There's a lot to consider when giving something a rating, and since I don't have an official scaling system, I'm going to work it out like this: 

Price: 5 stars, would recommend. 

Fit: 4 stars - would like it a bit more fitted, but for $30, I'm okay with slightly less than perfection. Plus, I could've probably gone searching for a smaller size, but I was impatient, so it's kind of my fault. 

Wearability: 4.5 - is as cute for daytime as is it for a casual evening out or BBQ (and what else is anyone doing in summer?). Looks great with sneakers (day), cute sandals (night), thongs (beach). But then again, a dress is a dress and short of wearing it over pants (no thanks), it's not super versatile. Could it be worn open as a short-sleeve shacket? Maybe. I probably won't be the one to try this out. But fashion girlies, HMU. 

Pockets: 0 stars. I don't need to explain this.

Overall: 4.5 stars. I know this isn't how maths works, But this is my rating system so 4.5 it is. (And for what it's worth, pockets would've brought it to an easy 5). 

Feature Image: Supplied.

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