'The quality is next-level.' 10 things the Mamamia team shopped for their homes this month.

In case you missed it, it's time for your annual spring clean

For that reason, the Mamamia team has been shopping for new homewares, furniture and accessories to spruce things up for the warmer months ahead.

From new bedding to scented diffusers, here are all our latest purchases - and why we rate every single one. 

KW Ceramics Hinterland Cup in Large, $49.95.

Image: Supplied.

"I love my new keep cup for so many reasons! I always love supporting local businesses where I can, and this goodie is not only handmade but comes from the lovely town of Noosa. It also fits the perfect amount of morning matcha (which I'm very particular about) and looks absolutely stunning on my desk." - Isabelle Dolphin, Content Producer.

Pre-loved Mid-century sideboard, $600.

Cat not included. Image: Supplied.

"I've been fantasising about a mid-century sideboard all year. I was seeing them in my dreams, every spare moment I was scrolling antique Instagram pages with heart-eyes. Then it happened. I found my dream sideboard on Facebook Marketplace and it was a steal: $600 for a piece worth at least double that. Shoutout to the two kind Greek gentlemen for helping gently squeeze it into my Suzuki Swift, they're the real heroes." - Tara Watson, Senior Content Producer.

 KitchenAid Food Processor, $269.99.


Image: Supplied.


"I really love cooking and this new KitchenAid has been a godsend lately. I decided to treat myself as I figured this is a piece of equipment I will use for many years to come. It's already become a very handy tool at dinner time (and when making cakes), plus the colour is super cute." - Isabella Ross, Senior Content Producer.

Smeg 50s Style Kettle in Green, $269.

Image: Myer.

"I bought my BF a SMEG kettle in pastel green as he saw one at a hotel we stayed at and kept going on about it. I actually bought it using Qantas points as they had a sale on." - Rach Smith, Sales Manager.

Ecoya Blackcurrant &Tuberose Fragranced Diffuser, $49.95.

Image: Supplied.


"This new reed diffuser is heavenly. The scent is blackcurrant (super fruity but not too sweet) and tuberose (a very subtle floral fragrance). It has helped my living room smell so, so lovely. I've also got a bunch of Ecoya candles around the house, and can vouch for how long-lasting they are." - Isabella Ross, Content Producer.

The Merchants Warehouse Trinket Dish, $29.

Image: Supplied.

"The Merchants Warehouse has just opened in Sydney's inner west, and it's a trinket lover's dream! It's full of vintage clothing and homewares. On one of my many visits, I found this cute little dish that adds a bit of colour and fun to my bedside table. Shopping in a space like this feels like a treasure hunt. It allows you to support small businesses and dress up your home in a way that feels uniquely you. I give it a 10/10 recommendation for a visit! But be warned... you won't be leaving empty-handed." - Olivia James, Social Producer.


Cheeky Winx XL Towel in Beached Fantasia, $64.95.

"This is a soft, quick-drying towel that I've been using at home after a quick few laps in the pool. The quality is next-level, it can also be used as a beach towel, and the print is really unique which I love. Plus, when you buy these towels online, you can personalise them with your name, so that is super fun." - Isabella Ross, Senior Content Producer.

Kmart 3.75L Air Fryer, $69.

Image: Kmart.

 "I would like to formally apologise to all the people I've said 'aN aIr FrYeR iS JuSt A MiNi oVen' to. Because while that's technically true, my new air fryer is the best thing in my life and we are so happy together." - Alix Nicholson, Weekend Editor.

Smeg 50's Style 2 Slice Toaster in Cream, $269.

Image: Bing Lee

"I bought a Smeg toaster, I love the pastel green but as our coffee maker is in the cream colour, I got the matching one." - Nina Nacinopa, part of the Finance team.


Linen Quilted Coverlet Natural, $299.99.

Image: Dri-Glo.

"Obsessed with this coverlet from Dri-Glo. It's an extra layer of warmth for the freezing nights we've been having and will be the perfect lightweight covering as we transition from spring to summer." - Alix Nicholson, Weekend Editor.

Feature Image: Supplied.

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