Loyal MKR fans are fuming after Sunday's episode and... they kinda have a point.

If you’re more inclined to watching people get sloshed at a dinner party in Radelaide than get sloshed on the tropical island of Fiji, chances are you’ve been following Channel Seven’s My Kitchen Rules over Channel 10’s Bachelor In Paradise.

Although, if Sunday night’s Twitter feed is anything to go by, you might be… reconsidering your options.

You see, since the beginning of the Mesozoic era, MKR fans have been promised a big drama.huge drama. A drama that will put all the other shows’ dramas to reality TV shame.

The drah-ma is that one team is unceremoniously kicked off by a very grumpy Manu and Pete for “threatening” behaviour. Juicy.

It is a terrific plot twist – and one that we wouldn’t have seen coming if the producers hadn’t been telling us about it for approximately 66 million years, like when dinosaurs and stuff roamed the earth.

And so there’s one big gripe all MKR devotees have: THE DRAH-MA IS NOWHERE TO BE SEEN. You know, despite Channel 7 showing ad after ad after ad alluding to the #drah-ma.

No, no. Despite many ads promising the contrary, the drah-ma is being dangled in front of fans like a carrot. After yet another night of no teams being booted off, the fans are tired. They’re BLOODY. OVER. IT.

While we’re here, the lovely fans would also like to have the ad breaks chopped in half, please.

Are you grumpy about Channel Seven dragging out the BIG DRAMA? Let us know in the comments…