This condom cleaning hack has gone viral. And it's not as gross as it sounds.

So it turns out that condoms are a multi-purpose item. Not only do they help prevent pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases, but they can also help you…clean your taps.

A mother in the United Kingdom has posted her cleaning hack, which uses a condom to clean her kitchen tap, in Facebook group, Hinch Army Cleaning Tips.

The group is inspired by Instagram influencer Sophie Hinch, who’s a cleaning guru with almost two million followers.

The condom cleaning hack. Source: Facebook

The mum shared before and after photos, explaining how the hack worked.

"I'm so impressed," she wrote. "White vinegar in a condom left overnight on the taps, no scrubbing after just used a sponge to wipe."

The woman explained that because she didn't have any "food bags, balloons or rubber gloves" at her disposal, she applied some lateral thinking and decided to 'upcycle' the "loads of free condoms" that were lying around.

(We are not entirely sure why she had loads of free condoms around, but still.)


Thrilled with the results, the mum said she can't wait to "do all [her] other taps and make them sparkle."

The post was hugely popular, and inspired other group members to share their version of the hack. For example, one woman posted a photo which involved using a "leftover Christmas balloon".

An adaptation of the hack, now using a balloon. Source: Facebook

"After seeing the condom on the tap filled with vinegar idea thought I would try it with a left over Christmas balloon. I [don't] think it looks worse than a condom," the Sophie Hinch devotee wrote.

Just last week, Sophie Hinch shared a $5 carpet cleaning hack that went viral. She explained in her Instagram Stories that she runs a clean, dry squeegee over her seemingly clean carpets, which pick up dirt, dust and pet hair that her vacuum leaves behind.

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