"That is disgusting." A mum's hack for cleaning toilet brushes has divided the internet.

Cleaning the toilet is no one’s favourite chore because… well, the reason’s obvious. But alas it has to be done. And regularly.

However, one mum – who is tired of buying new toilet brushes every few months – has come up with a controversial idea to keep her toilet brush clean – and it’s certainly divided certain circles on the internet.

Taking to UK site Mumsnet, the woman asks: “Would it be absolutely disgusting to… put loo brushes in the dishwasher on their own, on hot setting, followed by a hot wash on empty??!!!”

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Um… yes, yes it would be absolutely disgusting. But maybe that’s just us because the most mind-blowing revelation to come out of the thread was that this woman was not alone.

“Of course it’s fine! Dishwashers temperature is set to kill all bugs. I wouldn’t and don’t even do a hot wash afterwards,” one replied.

“I do my four loo brushes, pots they go in, pots they stand on (it’s a whole contraption) every month in the dishwasher. It’s a full load, wouldn’t put anything else in with them,” another added.


Howeverthere were plenty of people who, shall we say, would not be using the hack. Ever.


“That is disgusting!” one simply replied.

“I’d have to discard the dishwasher afterwards,” another added.

One commenter posed: “Even if dishwasher temps are set to kill all bugs (and I don’t think I’ve seen that guaranteed anywhere in the instruction booklet) why would you knowingly introduce potential e-coli salmonella and other nefarious things in to a space in which you wash your plates and cutlery?”

The mum replied, acknowledging the thought of the ‘hack’ make her a bit sick too, but she was tired of “how easily we just discard plastic”.

“I am NOT buying new ones every six months or whatever. I don’t care how cheap they are,” she wrote.

Others, who were all for the reusing over buying, suggested alternatives, which seemed much more… hygienic.

“Put them in a bucket with boiling hot bleach water,” someone suggested.

“It shouldn’t be necessary,” another said, “I leave the brush in the loo soaking [with bleach]. I’m sure the bleach leaves the brush fresh and clean.”

“If you don’t want to use chemicals, how about putting them all in a bucket, with clear industrial vinegar or some bicarb, and pour over a couple of kettles of boiling water?”

Whereas another commenter just wasn’t buying the mum’s explanation.

“Just wondering how much all that hot water/electricity/detergent would compare financially and environmentally to getting some cheap new loo brushes?” they asked.

But perhaps the biggest – and most important- philosophical question to come out of the debate was just how clean does a loo brush need to be in the first place? After all, it’s cleaning the… toilet.

“Why would you need your loo brush to be that clean when it just gets used to clean a loo?”

“It’s just going to get plonked back in the bog again, right? And you’ll be back where you started,” another said.

What do you think of your this mum’s hack for cleaning toilet brushes? Would you do this? Let us know in the comments. 

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