The 11 best responses to the 'mother of the bride' dress that's a bit... dramatic.

Bulgarian designer Tonena is making mother of the bride dresses that breaks all the rules of what is appropriate to wear to a wedding.

Let alone for a parent of the couple getting married.

Feast your eyes on this:

Feathers for extra pizzazz and (family) drama. Image: Etsy.
The dress you wear when you can't decide between a low black, feathered fishtail, sheer lace inserts and billowing sleeves. Image: Etsy.

The "mob's wife" feathered option will set you back a pretty $1,971.67 and the sleeved number is considerably more exxy at $3,490.58.

The brilliant Etsy find was uncovered by Twitter user, @_sashayed who graciously shared the bold dresses with the world.


"The pure awe I experienced when I saw this was labelled a 'mother of the bride' dress," she tweeted and SAME.

"'DARling, did you forGET to inVITE your MOTHER????'-- me in this extremely normal mother-of-the-bride dress, slamming into my daughter's wedding mid-Mendelssohn while a lightning storm rages outside. The guests gasp in terror."

The soap opera practically writes itself.

For those opposed to wearing black at weddings (tradition), Tonena also make these coloured offerings which are still guaranteed to steal the thunder make an entrance.

When the bride needs 'something blue' but a garter just won't do. Image: Etsy.
Featuring a thigh split worthy of JLO. Image: Etsy.
Colour aside, should the words 'detachable train' and 'mother of the bride dress' be used in the same description? Image: Etsy.

As you can imagine, Twitter had a lot emotions about the designs and we love it.





What do you think of these dresses? Tell us in a comment below.

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