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chrisandalex November 14, 2021

@laura__palmer I know I’ve definitely mixed up times before. My son had a specialist appointment at the hospital, we’d received two appointment letters with different dates and times. I’d rung to confirm the correct date and time. We turned up on the right day, but the wrong time. Oops! Luckily another doctor was able to see him so we didn’t need to wait for another appointment to be booked.

chrisandalex January 31, 2021

Why are the husband and kids not doing their part to keep the house tidy? My boys have been doing chores since they were 2 1/2 or 3. Now they are 15 and 13 they can do a load of washing, hang it out, bring it in, and fold it; they wash up at least once a week; they each cook dinner once a week (and can cook at least 6 different meals each), and if they’ve chosen a new recipe they have to let me know what ingredients are needed before shopping day; they empty bins and put them out on the street for bin day; they vacuum and mop. They’re only expected one or two jobs a day, but when they move out of home they will be able to fend for themselves. If they complain about things not being done, they get told to get off their bums and do it themselves as I’m not the only person living here so it’s not my responsibility to do everything.

chrisandalex July 13, 2020

My GP encouraged me to skip periods due to me getting hormonal migraines at the onset of my period. Unfortunately due to my history of migraines (other triggers as well as hormones) it was recommended I stop taking the pill at 35. 

chrisandalex May 10, 2020

Doonas in my house get washed in spring before they are stored during the warmer months. They are washed again in autumn before going onto the beds for the cooler months. They also get washed at least once during the cooler months, usually twice. The same with blankets. The doona covers are usually washed every two or three months throughout the year, and the sheets at least every two weeks if not weekly.

chrisandalex March 1, 2020

DVOs aren’t worth the piece of paper they’re printed on. They only cover the physical violence. It means the perpetrator can continue to verbally abuse and harass the victim, and the police can’t do anything to stop it.

chrisandalex December 31, 2019

Exactly what I was thinking!

chrisandalex December 26, 2019

I shop to my budget and if people don’t like it then that’s their problem, not mine. I’m grateful for whatever I’m given, and have taught my boys that as well. I also don’t return/exchange gifts because I don’t like them (I will only exchange clothing if it’s the wrong size), generally everything will get used even if it’s not to my taste because someone has put thought into getting it for me.

chrisandalex November 24, 2019

How can parents lie about there address to get their child into a school? I had to provide multiple, recent documents containing my name and address to enrol my son in our local state high school here in Brisbane. This was despite already having a child attending the school with exactly the same contact details.

chrisandalex September 15, 2019

I think I’ve only posted a photo of a lunch box once. Only did it because my son, who was in daycare at the time, packed his own lunch. A whole apple, a chocolate bar and a container of tinned spaghetti covered in milk. He was so proud of himself!

chrisandalex August 4, 2019

Yes! Why do people, both men and women, bring their children into a new relationship before knowing if it’s going somewhere long term?

chrisandalex July 30, 2019

I’ll start by saying that I haven’t really been following this all that closely, only reading a few articles when the headline jumps out at me. But, based on the little I have read and heard, I believe there is a difference in the two cases. As soon as Shayna Jack returned a positive test she was withdrawn from the Australian team and sent home to prove her innocence, or not, and wait for the final ruling over her future. Sun Yang is still competing despite the cloud of doubt hovering over him. Perhaps he is innocent, maybe he’s not. Either way he shouldn’t be competing until the final ruling is handed down.

Reading this article, I am dumbfounded that he allowed three men into his home and allowed them to start taking blood samples before asking to see their credentials. Surely you would ask for identification and to see the required paperwork prior to allowing three strange men to enter your home and take your blood. Also, I would have thought that athletes would be required to attend a licensed pathology clinic (whether at a hospital or private clinic) to maintain the integrity of the testing process.

chrisandalex July 30, 2019

How heartbreaking for the family! I know this isn’t the most important part of the story but, how were the nurses able to give her Panadol without a doctor seeing her first and writing up a medication form? And send her home before the doctor had seen her. I rarely need to go to emergency, but was there two weeks ago with my son. I had given him nurofen a couple hours before going in and the nurses didn’t mention giving Panadol until the doctor had been in to see him. Even when he’s an inpatient, a doctor will check him over and have a chat with me before writing him up for Panadol if I’ve asked for it to be written up as a precaution (I’m lucky that doctors and nurses believe me when I say my son starts vomiting soon after his temp hits 38, so he needs Panadol before he gets to 38). The doctor also comes to chat with us before discharge to ensure I’m happy with the treatment plan once home.

chrisandalex July 26, 2019

I was tested and confirmed as having CMV very early in my pregnancy with my eldest. I was only tested because I requested it. I was working in childcare at the time, and around the time I became pregnant policies were being changed and all female staff were given info about CMV and had to sign documents to say that they accept the risks, they would not be able to work in the babies room, that they would not sue if their baby was born with a disability as a result of CMV. My son was born without any issues due to the CMV, but his hearing was monitored for a number of years partly because of the CMV but also because he contracted viral meningitis at 6 weeks old. He’s now 14, in grade 9, and doing brilliantly. After the positive diagnosis my obstetrician offered me a termination once he’d informed me of the possible outcomes. I didn’t hesitate to say no. My baby was very much loved from the moment I found out I was pregnant, and I knew that despite how hard it could potentially be I would manage to cope with whatever got thrown at me. And I proved it two years later when my youngest was born with additional needs (unrelated to CMV).

chrisandalex July 22, 2019

Couples counseling is not going to help until the abuser accepts that THEY have a problem and works on sorting themselves out.

chrisandalex June 2, 2019

I read it as she did invite the whole class. Paulina’s kid, while in the same grade, was in a different class.

chrisandalex May 31, 2019

I rinse my face like that. I do however rub the cleanser into my face for long enough that any make up or tinted moisturiser I’ve used that day is removed so that when I rinse it is washed down the drain and not left all over the towel when I dry my face.

chrisandalex May 31, 2019

Talk about feeling entitled! If your child is in the same class as the birthday child and is the only one not invited, then you’ve got a reason to be concerned. I would never question a parent about why my child wasn’t invited to a party. Both of my boys were always given a set number of people they could invite, never the whole class, and if they had ever questioned why they didn’t get invited to something I would have explained that just like they could only invite a set number of people, maybe the other child could only invite a set number as well.

chrisandalex May 26, 2019

The state high school my boys go to has all the general classes for students of various abilities (although I think they organise the junior classes based on ability), then they also have extension programs for those who wish to apply and then get interviewed or sit a test or audition. The extension programs are engineering excellence that focuses on extension maths and science, high performance music which requires students to be part of at least one of the schools music ensembles and or choir, Spanish acceleration in year 7 where extra Spanish classes are attended each week that leads into Spanish immersion in years 8 and 9 where 50% of all classes are taught in Spanish rather than English, and football academy where HPE lessons focus on soccer skills. It works well because students have the opportunity to do an extension program based on their skills and work with others of similar abilities or be part of the general school population.

chrisandalex May 7, 2019

I don’t really care what order the cutlery is, I have more of an issue with the mother in law who feels she has the right to walk into her son and daughter in laws house and rearrange the cutlery drawer or rearrange how the washing is hung on the line. I have had words with my own mother who used to enter my home and start cleaning, but at least she doesn’t rearrange drawers and cupboards to suit herself.

chrisandalex April 29, 2019

A year 7 student was assaulted by another student at my son’s high school about 18 months ago. Nearly a dozen other students witnessed the incident or were near enough to be aware of what happened, including my son. The kid who did it denied any wrongdoing and his parents denied he would have done it despite all the witnesses having virtually the same story, but he was suspended anyway. The deputy principal who dealt with it, quietly told the parents of the student who was hurt to go to the police, that the school couldn’t do anything more than a short suspension. My son and most of the other witnesses were interviewed by the police (my son and several others thought it was great to be interviewed by the police!) and eventually it went to court. The other kid continued to lie about what happened at multiple court appearances, so it escalated through the court system until it ended up at Brisbane Magistrates Court. He eventually told the truth and was let off with a good behaviour bond and warned that even the slightest misdemeanour and he’d be in juvenile detention. Once the police were involved the school was able to expel the kid. It took over 12 months from when it happened until the final court appearance.