This mother-in-law was uninvited to her son's wedding because of her outfit choice.



You’re allowed to be a little crazy in the lead-up to your wedding.

It’s a stressful, nerve-wracking time. I’ve never done it myself, but my sister is preparing for her big day next month…and she’s, erm, how do I put this…not a bride-chiller.

(If you’re reading this I love you sis, pls don’t hurt me).

A bride who is letting her crazy well and truly soar in the days before tying the knot has gone so far as to banish her mother-in-law from the day because of the colour of her dress…That she’s already agreed not to wear.

Um. What?

Pretty sure you can’t actually do that, but anyway.

The woman posted in parenting forum Mumsnet admitting that she had bought a dress with a cream base colour to wear to the wedding, which the bride was NOT HAVING A BAR OF.

“Obviously I wouldn’t wear plain white or cream, but it has a cream underlay and the rest is pink and grey floral,” she wrote.

Post continues after video…

She said her son asked her not to wear it, and, on strict instruction by his terrifying fiance we’re guessing, has been ringing weekly to ask if she has found another dress yet.


“I reply not yet – still looking, which I am and it’s still over a month away,” she wrote.

“I agreed not to wear it after hearing her throw a tantrum whilst on the phone to him, and thought that it should be fine.”

Even though she had agreed not to wear the dress and was planning to buy a new one, the bride was so shook by the fact that a cream dress even existed in the lead-up to her big white dress day, she told her not to even bother coming.

“Now she’s gone berserk, and yesterday she sent a text telling me not to turn up as I will not be allowed in.”

The mother-in-law later added that she hasn’t returned the dress because she…likes it, I guess, but is struggling to find a suitable replacement for the wedding.

She better get a move on because it sounds like this bride might well come to her house and burn the damn dress as it hangs in her wardrobe.

Here’s the dress that I even feel nervous looking at for some reason:

Dead dress walking. Source: Mumsnet.

Look, I understand not wanting your mother-in-law to wear anything even remotely bridal at your wedding, and the woman probably should have checked with the bride first to avoid being potentially murdered, but this is just not okay.

The woman is understandably very upset that she has been scrapped from the guest list of her son's wedding, and she's got a gang of internet mums on her side.

"Someone who is so rude and stroppy about a dress, is not going to turn into a reasonable and polite person the minute the wedding is over. There will be tantrums over everything, and everyone having to walk on eggshells around this very volatile young woman," one wrote.

"God I hope a load of guests ignore the colour rules lol will she have bouncers on the door kicking people out," added another.

While one said she should text her son: "I wish you a happy marriage and wedding but I don’t support it and won’t be attending. My door is always open to you both but I’m stepping away until you both behave in a more adult and reasonable way."



We think there was probably more to it and the text was sent mid adult-tanty, because we all have those.

...But I can't help but think she was just looking for any excuse to banish her mother-in-law from the wedding ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

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