A Muslim woman's guide to finding the perfect modest outfit for Eid.

Although Ramadan just started, any Muslim would tell you how quickly the days fly by. One minute you're prepping food for Iftar, and the next you're frantically rushing to find a last-minute outfit for Eid al-Fitr.

Come April, 1.9 billion Muslims around the world will celebrate Eid al-Fitr, one of two major Islamic holidays commemorating the end of Ramadan. I also like to call it the Muslim Met Gala, because you'll be hard-pressed to find someone not wearing their best outfit.

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And that's not an exaggeration. 

On Eid, Muslim women leave no stone unturned. Their hijabs are immaculately draped, the dresses are nothing short of red carpet worthy and their accessories finish everything off perfectly. 

Every year, I look forward to my Instagram feed being flooded with outfit photos because I know just how much work goes into these meticulously planned looks. 


It's also worth noting that finding dresses that fit the Islamic modesty requirements isn't always easy. Yes, modesty is a spectrum, however, many Muslim women look for clothes that cover their arms, back, chest and legs. 

Which means no cutouts, no strapless silhouettes and no short hemlines. 

Every year, we see brands jump on board and release Eid collections (probably because they know how profitable it is), however, it can still be tricky to find a dress that suits the occasion. 


So I've taken it upon myself to help out my Muslim sisters and create an edit of the perfect modest dresses that can be worn on Eid and beyond, so you're not running around on the last day of Ramadan trying to find something worthy.

Whether you need an outfit for the morning Eid prayer at the mosque, or for the hundreds of dinner parties you're invited to, I've got you covered (literally).


Abaya House Royal Blue Dune Kaftan, $99.

Image: Abaya House.

Haya & I Sanaa Dress, $160.

Image: Haya & I.


ASOS DESIGN Curve Metallic Maxi Dress, $147.

Image: ASOS.


Boutique Nour Al Houda Dusk Kimono Set, $220.

Image: BNAH.


Veil of Faith Ammara Satin Dress, $140.

Image: Veil of Faith.

OÚR Spring Summer Dress White Floral, $99.

Image: Our.


M.N.G Flared-Sleeve Satin Dress, $159.95.

Image: M.N.G.


Fajr Noor Malika Abaya Set, $250.

Image: Fajr Noor.


M.N.G Sleeve Slit Dress, $159.95.

Image: M.N.G.

SHEIKE Spring Romance Maxi Dress, $249.99.

Image: SHEIKE.


Shona Joy La Lune Balloon Sleeve Midi Dress With Belt, $360.

Image: Shona Joy.


Forever New Curve Trim Detail Midi Dress, $209.99.

Image: Forever New.


By Mayaly Roses & Ruffles, $319.

Image: By Mayaly.

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Feature Image: Haya & I/By Mayaly.