Every thought that entered Choupette's head when Kim Kardashian tried to drag her to the Met Gala.

Kim Kardashian cannot be trusted around cats. Just ask Karl Lagerfeld's intuitive famous feline, Choupette.

On the latest episode of The Kardashians, a very intense scene between Kim Kardashian and Choupette went down, as the reality star and fashion heir tried to see if they hit it off. 

It was just a regular day for Choupette — she was simply doing another meet-and-greet with a nervous fan. 

But the vibe quickly turned sour. 

The plan was for Kim to carry Choupette to this year's Met Gala, as the event was themed around the cat's owner, fashion icon and controversial designer, Karl Lagerfeld. 

In short, Kim was planning on accessorising with a living, breathing cat. 

But as most cats do, this cat had other ideas.

I'd wager that Choupette remembers Kim's ex-cats, Mercy #1 and Mercy #2 — after all, cats know and see all. 

Kim was gifted Mercy, a teacup Persian, in September 2012 but she ended up rehoming the cat the following month. She gave Mercy to her sister Khloé's assistant, Sydney Hitchcock, after discovering she was allergic to her new pet. 

By December, the cat had died from a virus. 

Then in December 2021, Kim introduced her Instagram followers to another Persian teacup kitten she dubbed 'Mercy #2'. 

I guess she's no longer allergic to that exact breed of cat? I'm not Kim's doctor but this defies logic.


Anyways, Mercy #2 has since vanished off Kim's socials.  

Have you seen this cat*? *She's not always hanging upside down. Image: Instagram/@kimkardashian. 

The only pets Kim posts about on her social media is her pair of Pomeranians, Sushi and Sake. The reality star got in trouble with PETA last year after she shared a video showing that the two dogs lived in a windowless garage.

So anyways, given that one of her cats is missing and her others pets are not exactly living their best life, it sounds like Choupette knew exactly what she was getting into with Kim.  


Back to The Kardashians episode, it was clearly love at first sight between Choupette and Kimmy K. 

'Who is this shiny woman and why does she smell suspicious?' 

At this stage, Choupette wonders why her handlers are setting up blind dates for her. Perhaps, she's run out of matches on Plenty of Fish, which always made her slightly peckish anyways. 


This is a cat who simply wants to mourn/celebrate their owner's death, sleep in inappropriate places, eat bugs and probably lick her private parts. 

But all is well because no human and cat have ever clicked so instantaneously as these two.

'You will not charm me woman, I still remember your 2010 singing career. Your character is questionable.' 

Kim and Choupette catch up like old pals, old pals that won't meet each other's eyeline out of fear. 


'If I don't look at her, she can't try to fit me for a Skims shoot.' 

Kim changes tact by sitting on the floor and drawing closer to Choupette's eyeline. 

'Get back or I'll get Taylor Swift's cats involved.'


And finally, the real test of friendship is whether Kim can hold Choupette long enough to walk the Met Gala's red carpet. 

The cat won't let the reality star hold her — period. 

'I won't become Mercy #3. Not today, not ever!'


This cat doesn't need Kim Kardashian.

Kim Kardashian needs this cat. 

Choupette doesn't need anyone. She's an independent woman. 

'I prefer to be admired from afar... like 10-20 metres away.' 


The ordeal ends in Kim finally realising that accessorising with a cat is not something anyone can, or should, do. 

Several celebrities tried to bring Choupette to the Met, but none succeeded. Instead, this cat simply did not show up to celebrate Karl's legacy, a legacy shaped by fat-shaming women and rejecting the #MeToo movement. 


“Many people invited me to walk the red carpet of the #METGALA2023 in tribute to Daddy," Choupette's Instagram said. "But we preferred to stay peacefully and cozy at home."

So don't you worry Kim, it's not thaaaaat personal.

Although when it comes to cats, it's always personal. 

Be offended. Be afraid.

And for the love of God, leave Choupette alone. She's been through enough. 

Feature image: Disney+. 

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