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keen teacher July 17, 2024

Pity she doesn't use this power for something helping the impoverished in the US

keen teacher July 14, 2024

Go to marriage guidance counselling together. You probably were ignoring him after the baby was born and having to work nights. It doesn't justify his affair, but it makes sense if he was feeling lonely and gave into temptation. Now you have tried it perhaps you can understand why he did it.

keen teacher July 13, 2024

@mamamia-user-482898552  I agree it is sex work but the name denotes a specific type. What bothers me is, as usual, you need to be pretty for this kind  of work and emotionally detached. I am happy for Nova and her partner that it actually led to genuine love. It also bothers me that it seems many young women are turning to various types of sex work to earn a decent living. It feels like society values that more than nursing, teaching and other professions with high levels of female participation. I do recognise there are many female sex workers who like the work as well female porn film directors and others who do good work which is in some cases respectful and empowering for the performers.

keen teacher July 9, 2024

Your needs matter. Tell your husband the truth.

keen teacher July 2, 2024

I think we need to remember trolls love being on social media because it gives them a bigger audience to be bitchy to. Her wedding day, her hubby,her breasts. No one else has any right to care or comment  especially when various musicians,actors and others are praised for outrageous and revealing outfits I  their line of work. She wasn't working- she was getting married!

keen teacher June 30, 2024

I understand this article is tongue in cheek. However it reads as a woman belittling talented professional  women based on their appearance. The dolls you are referring to often have vacuous expressions. These women don't.

keen teacher June 24, 2024

This woman could do things her way in peace if she didn't post it on TikTok. The issue with not returning the trolley is it can get bumped by another driver and go rogue possibly hurting someone. Also doesn't she have grocery delivery services or a partner to do the shopping?

keen teacher June 24, 2024

Salem is where witch trials were conducted wasn't it? If she likes?the name good luck to her but the child make be teased cruelly.

keen teacher June 24, 2024

In my job if I have to stay home with the kids ( like when they got Covid) I have to apply for carer's leave. There are laws and rules in your enterprise agreement or award about this. Find out what they are. Saying you can't work part time because it would be unfair to others but the Mum's can sounds like discrimination to me. What if you were caring for a disabled relative?

keen teacher June 19, 2024

He probably lied to you because it was what you wanted to hear. I think you need to reflect on your responsibility for the choices you made. He was telling you and showing you through the apps who he was. You chose to accept him as he was.

keen teacher June 16, 2024

Were the children who did it identified and charged with murder? They should be.

keen teacher May 31, 2024

Rape within marriage is a crime. I wish she had called the police and had him arrested. I understand why didn't. I just want other women to know it is criminal offence.

keen teacher May 30, 2024

@snorks The point of the Mona women's lounge was it was the art work. Whatever great art works were in there were probably going back to public spaces later. If the man who co.plained had self identified as a woman he probably could have gotten in.

keen teacher May 29, 2024

Maybe some of us are very quick to criticise complete strangers on the internet. I don't think it is about all the conditioning by other men's behaviour at all.

keen teacher May 27, 2024

All I can is?these?people accidentally leave on a the ambos for the meltdown-coronary

keen teacher May 23, 2024

@snorks yes I agree Snorks. We ha e wellbeing days which can be taken on any non teaching day.  This is in addition to personal leave so we don't need a medical certificate or justification. I think this might be what the article is referring to.

keen teacher May 22, 2024

Her brother behaved in an aggressive rude way. He and his wife were upset that he was embarrassed because it is probably the first time a family member has challenged his infantile behaviour. 

keen teacher May 20, 2024

I would like to see him arrested on the basis of this evidence (the video). He doesn't need to apologise to us; he needs to apologise to the women he abused and settle any civil actions they take against him. I can only assume they didn't report him to the police because they  rhought they wouldn't be believed. Or perhaps that he would use?wealth and power yo drag out the?court case 

keen teacher May 18, 2024

Love your common sense response: if you don't know, ask.

keen teacher May 18, 2024

I sympathise with your pain. You mention anger issues and trying really hard to make things perfect. Have you contacted support for yourself? Relationships Australia has lists of various types of counsellors who may be helpful.  Your daughter is a young adult in progress right now. What she needs from you is going to be different to in her childhood.  I have learnt this from my young adult kids. More listening less talking is what they need from me.