Tom Cruise, 10 years after that very awkward couch jumping moment.

Ten years ago, our view of Tom Cruise changed … for many people forever.

It was May 2005. The Top Gun star had been dating actress Katie Holmes for a month, and was clearly crazy about the former Dawson’s Creek star when he went on Oprah Winfrey’s talk show .

And that’s when something unexpected happened.

Oprah asked Cruise about his new relationship – and it soon became clear the Risky Business star was finding it hard to profess the depth of his love for Holmes.

And then it happened. 

He knocked on wood. He danced.

Then…he jumped on the couch.

And in that second Tom Cruise went from A-Grade spunk to something else. The world noticed, the interview made headlines and went on to become one of Tom Cruise's most famous moments.

You can watch it all unfold here:

After the interview, Oprah told TV Guide“Certainly, I did not think it would turn into the brouhaha that it did.”

But brouhaha it was. The incident was even voted No.1 of 2005's "Most Surprising Television Moments" by Entertainment magazine.

So what's happened since Tom Cruise jumped on the couch?

A month after the interview aired the couple were engaged. In the April of 2006, they welcomed their daughter, Suri. In November of 2006, Cruise and Katie Holmes married. And in 2012, the couple dubbed 'TomKat' announced they were getting a divorce.


Cruise has starred in 10 films since 2005. Only War of the Worlds (2005) and Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (2011) topped the $100m mark at the box office.

Before the Oprah incident, Cruise's production company had been paid $10 million a year to create films for Paramount (including the Mission Impossible series) but after Mission: Impossible III flopped at the box office, the relationship with Paramount ended too. In 2006, Summer Redstone, the chief executive officer of Paramount spoke about the decision in a Vanity Fair interview.

"Women everywhere had come to hate him," Redstone said. "His behavior was entirely unacceptable...He turned off all women, and a lot of men.… He was embarrassing the studio. And he was costing us a lot of money. We felt he cost us $100, $150 million on Mission: Impossible III. It was the best picture of the three, and it did the worst.''

Redstone's comments were considered harsh by some people, but resonated with others.

But Cruise has persevered.

Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation is now in post-production, the new Jack Reacher film Never Go Back has been announced and a sequel to Top Gun is on its way. He will also star in the CIA flick Mena, due out in 2017.


What remains to be seen is whether, a decade on, the world has moved on.