Having three boobs is the new box gap and we are officially done.

An impossible new body trend has emerged from Milan Fashion Week and it’s upset us more than the 2018 bikini trend of a hirsute female’s nightmare.

First it was the box gap, then it was the thigh-brow, and now it’s… the third boob?

Why? Because farshun, that’s why.

We are confused.

And afraid.


Can the fashion industry please not? I barely fill a B-cup as it is, and now runways are sending out models sporting a whole extra boob.

Yet again, unattainable body standards are being shoved down our throats and frankly we won’t stand for it any longer.

Enough is enough.

…OK, so before you get at us in the comments, we know the bizarre trend isn’t expected to take off, and we don’t actually think our Instagram feeds will suddenly be filled with three-breasted influencers, but we need to get this off our chests.

(See what I did there?)

We’ve seen a number of runway shows celebrating the female form lately, which we think is pretty great – from the heavily pregnant model who gave birth straight after walking Rihanna’s NYFW Savage X Fenty show, to the woman breastfeeding on the catwalk of a Sports Illustrated show in Miami earlier this year, to the breast cancer survivors who walked at NYFW in the video below.

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But this… this is just ridiculous.

Nobody has three boobs, and to think this might one day become a plastic surgery trend is simply terrifying.

Just look:

UM. Source: getty



The prosthetic breasts were added to women modelling for Italian fashion label GCDS as part of their collection of futuristic, rave-inspired pieces. The dramatic addition to the show was intended as a glimpse into a fictional future of fashion, where the human form has changed and the brand rules the world.

Inspired by the character 'Mary the Three-Breasted Woman' from Arnold Schwarzenegger film Total Recall, models had a fake breast inserted between their natural pair before donning the neon crop tops featured heavily in the collection.

Look, GCDS, we get it, it's all very interesting and out-there and you've certainly captured our attention.

BUT JUST STOP. It's too much for us.