Did this TV host fart on live television then cough to cover it up? An investigation.


We’ve all been in that situation.

The one where you desperately need to relieve some pressure from your bottom area but… it isn’t appropriate.

Whether it be mid-speech, on a first date, or during a yoga class, the struggle to… keep things contained is very real.

This brings us to poor old Max Kellerman.

The 45-year-old sports television personality and boxing commentator was hosting Stephen Smith on his show First Take, and we think he… farted.

As the pair discuss the nuances of basketball, the camera focuses on Kellerman’s guest, Smith, and that’s when disaster strikes.


In the name of investigative journalism, let’s try to find out what really went down.

The conversation started as all sport conversations start: with a lot of names I don’t understand.

It’s all very passionate, and they talk a lot about technical fouls and clean slates.


At one point Max Kellerman uses the phrase “He should be able to control himself” with reference to a basketball player and Max… don’t throw stones.

Moving on to the juicy stuff.


It’s at this exact moment that… it happens.

max kellerman fart
Nothing... changes.

By some act of God, Stephen Smith... doesn't react.

He just keeps passionately discussing basketball tactics.

Of course, we anxiously await the return of Max to the screen.

The producers kindly put some video overlay of basketball on so that the host can gather himself.


Then... he really pulls his sh*t together (sorry).

max kellerman fart
So calm. So collected.

He casually goes on speaking but... we just know we heard something.

And it really sounded like a fart and a cover up cough.

Watch the video here.


So what is the verdict then? Did Max Kellerman fart on nation television and cover it up with a cough?


Verdict: He definitely did it.

And the people of Reddit 100% agree.

"Shoutout to Stephen A for being a bro. Told the producers to put on a video so Max could get control of himself lmao," wrote one user.

"Dude didn't even break stride in the middle of his rant. True pro, really. On that note, do they have a fucking mic on Max's chair, damn," wrote another.


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