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'He lost interest.' Everything we know about The Bachelor's Matt and Chelsie's breakup.

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Uh oh.

We got so caught up in Angie Kent’s search for love on The Bachelorette we completely forgot about the astrophysicist we watched say “sexual chemistry” 2000 times during this year’s Bachelor season.

Bachie and space fan Matt Agnew ended up choosing chemical engineer Chelsie McLeod to be his girlfriend and that was nice. Then… nothing really happened, until November 17, when they announced their split on Instagram.

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“Chels and I have made some beautiful memories together that I’ll always cherish, and I wish her nothing but the absolute best,” Matt wrote.

“However, it’s with a heavy heart that I write this. For Chels and me, our relationship hasn’t translated from filming to the real, every day world as we had hoped.

The 31-year-old concluded his statement saying, “It’s no one’s fault, it’s just life”.

Image: Instagram.

Chelsie also shared a post on Instagram, thanking her followers for their support and kind words "over what was an incredibly exciting, rewarding, challenging, and emotional journey".

The pair, both from Melbourne, had been secretly together since May when filming for The Bachelor finished and well... I have spent multiple weeks living out my private investigator dreams and I have gossip, pls.

Matt "lost interest".

Speaking to the Daily Mail, a ~source~ claimed that Matt and Chelsie's relationship fell apart after Matt went overseas for several weeks after The Bachelor finale aired.

"The moment the show ended and they could finally be a proper couple and go out in public together, Matt basically just disappeared," the source said.

"Given the timing, it was as if he had suddenly lost interest and changed his mind about wanting a girlfriend or something. Things then fizzled out quickly," they added.

The source also noted that Chelsie was "blindsided" by their split and well, we're not too surprised¯\_(ツ)_/¯

It definitely wasn't mutual.

Chelsie seemingly confirmed Matt blindsided her with the breakup while responding to fan questions on Instagram. See:

matt and chelsie
That means... no. Image: Instagram/@chelsiemcleod.

She apologised for being inactive on social media in wake of the breakup, and responded to questions about how she was doing.

"It's definitely been rough, I do not deal with heartbreak well and yeah, my heart is broken and heartbreak sucks," she said.

Even so, she didn't regret going on The Bachelor because the process - which forces people to have conversations that don't happen a long time into a relationship in the 'real world' - was the "best thing" to happen to her.

She said she would continue to "respect Matt's privacy" and not go into details about the split.

"There really isn't any anyway, nothing bad happened.

"I guess it's a hard situation, it takes two strong people with a really strong connection to get through the stages between the filming and the end."

"Matt is a good person."

Chelsie came out in support of her ex last Tuesday, after followers had turned on the Bachie after their split.

"Just wanted to say thank you so much for all of your support and kindness," she wrote on Instagram.

"Breakups suck in general and there's no need to take sides. Matt is a good person and putting he down doesn't bring me up! He didn't do anything wrong."

Matty J has a theory.

We trust Matty J with our whole heart, so when the former Bachelor said he had a suspicion Chelsie and Matt's relationship was in trouble from the start we stopped and listened.

Matty explained on his podcast, The Babble, that the first few weeks after the show’s finale are the most important for Bachie couples.

“There is almost a two or three month gap from when they film the finale to once you’re [publicly] together,” he said.

During this time, Matty said it’s important to spend as much time together as possible while you adjust to being a couple with a  normal life.

“The weird thing with Matt and Chelsie is, straight after the finale [aired], he went away, he went to the UK. Maybe Matt didn’t realise how important that time is? Because you can finally get to be together and have that relationship out in public."

Matty said he first had a hunch Matt and Chelsie’s relationship might be coming to an end when the couple didn’t show up at the Melbourne Cup in early November.


“We were at the Melbourne Cup and Laura and I were really excited to see Matt and Chelsie,” said Matty.

“We were heading to the Channel 10 marquee and we spoke to one of the publicists and we said, ‘Hey, are Matt and Chelsie here?’ And they said, ‘Actually they’re not coming anymore.'”

“We didn’t know why they weren’t there, but there was a thought that maybe they weren’t together.”

And it turns out his Bachie senses were right, because of course they were.

Oh. This is suspicious.

Matt specifically said there was no one else in his breakup statement but media seemed to think shady Instagram comments from Chelsie and his other ex-bachelorettes suggested otherwise.

Chelsie's Bachie castmate Jessica Brody posted photos on Instagram with the caption: "Me vs Me when he tells me I'm the only girl he's talking to".

matt and chelsie

Chelsie commented to say she was triggered, and then she, Jessica and fellow bachelorette Rachael Arahill lol'd.

This 100 per cent could just be a reference to the fact they were all on a show where a dude was dating all of them.

OR IT COULD BE MORE. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Does Matt want to be the Dr Chris Brown of astrophysics?

Oh... no.

According to a Woman's Day 'source' (those mansion alpacas really have a lot to say), Matt "wants to pursue a career badly in media" and planned to become TV's "cool science guy". That sounds unnecessary, but okay.

"Chelsie fit the narrative better [than Abbie]," the alpaca source said.

"Two hot scientists. The point of difference would have been great marketing and he thought they could have their own science show or something."

According to the alpaca, who loves the gossip, source, Matt broke up with Chelsie as soon as he realised she wasn't that keen on a life in the spotlight.

"He told her their goals weren't aligned and they just weren't on the same path. She's devastated and thinks that he's maybe met someone else."

Chelsie and Abbie are still mates.

It would be easy to think things would be a little awkward between Chelsie and Matt's runner-up Abbie Chatfield, but that doesn't seem to be the case at all.

"You're an angel, can't wait to see you," Abbie wrote in an Instagram comment on Thursday afternoon, to which Chelsie responded with four heart emojis.

matt and chelsie
We stan women supporting women. Image: Instagram.

The other bachelorettes have her back.

It's not just Abbie who has shown her support.

Chelsie uploaded a photo of her with fellow contestants Nichole Wood, Helena Sauzier and Sogand Mohtat from the skydiving group date they took part in during filming.


"Take the good with the bad," she captioned the photo, prompting messages of support from many other bachie stars.


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Take the good with the bad

A post shared by Chelsie ???? (@chelsiemcleod) on

The three in the photo plus Elly Miles, Emma Roche, Jessica Brody, Brianna Ferrante and early leavers Isabella Davies and Sam Royce all shared the love.

Meanwhile, on Matt's post...


Chelsie's been stalked by paparazzi.

Earlier in the month, Chelsie shared a series of videos on her Instagram story that showed her being photographed while on a coffee break at work.

Clearly annoyed/upset/bewildered by the whole thing, as you would be, she is heard talking with a friend in the background before spotting two men with cameras.

"Oh man, there's more, there's more," she says.

One pap asks her if she is filming on her phone, to which she replies "Yup, did you get some good photos?"

matt and chelsie
Images: Instagram.

She captioned a video of her smile "Forced pap smile", alongside a teary eyed emoji, and another as "Fml".

When answering questions on Instagram on December 4, a follower asked how she dealt with the paps. She shared a screenshot of an article showing images of her with her boss... who had been labelled an 'older man' in the caption.

"My boss is more traumatised than me," she joked.


The timing of the announcement was interesting.

Matt and Chelsie announced their split:

  • Two days after Bachelorette couple Angie and Carlin wrapped up their post-finale media rounds
  • One day after applications for The Bachelor 2020 were announced
  • 59 days after their finale episode aired

It has been a busy time in Bachie land!! We don't know exactly when they broke up, but did they need to hold off on the announcement until after a few other Bach related news came out? We don't know but it does seems... curious.

Was Chelsie blindsided by the breakup?

Remember Rachael? She was the one who was booted by Matt for having a 'plan B' and then, as she left, yelled "F*cking dogs".

It was glorious and we love her for it, etc. etc. etc.

ANYWAY, she's continued to be a goddamn legend and has spent the 24 hours since Matt and Chelsie announced their split spilling some hot tea in the comments.

Let us present:

chelsie and matt
Image: Instagram.

Chelsie wants to know why??? Did Matt do the dumping and not tell her... why? Just like Rachael, all we can provide is a shrug emoji: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

chelsie and matt
Image: Instagram.

We don't know what this means but... it definitely seems important.


Rach and Chels have been dabbling in some memes because this is what you do after a break up in 2019.

We spotted this and it has left us with many questions:

matt and chelsie
We... see. Image: Instagram.

Yeah. Just questions, no answers.

Breakups = new hair.

Or in this case... facial hair.

The Daily Mail captured Matt on his way to work this morning, because of course they did, and they captured ol' bach sporting a sweet new moustache.

It's definitely for Movember (he mentioned this on the gram numerous times) but hey, it's convenient timing.


Mamamia doesn't publish paparazzi shots, but below is an idea of what he's working with:

matt and chelsie
Basically, this. Image: Supplied.

Though, that's a bit better groomed than the real deal. Sorry Matt.

No word on if Chelsie's decided to get a fringe, but we'll be waiting in anticipation.

Don't bring Abbie into this.

As soon as the news broke, people started tagging Matt's Bachelor runner-up Abbie in his post telling her it was her time.

But look, nah. Abbie isn't here for that.

matt and chelsie
Image: Instagram.

Clearly sick of the tags, Abbie ended up sharing a message on her Instagram story saying she had nothing to do with Matt and Chelsie’s relationship nor their breakup.

"I’ve been tagged in a lot of comments this morning on posts about Matt and Chelsie’s relationship ending. Some of you are saying it’s ‘my shot’, others are saying that he’s done a Blake Garvey. None of this is fair on Chelsie, Matt or me," the 24-year-old wrote.

"My contact with Matt ended when I walked away from him at [the] finale, and I am good friends with Chelsie and love her very much."

Abbie Chatfield
Image: Instagram.

But that wasn't the end of it, because people suck and Abbie's been copping it ever since the show ended.

Posting photos of herself on the day of the breakup announcement, users accused her of 'baiting' Matt. As unfair as that is, Abbie's not one to just... take it so she called it out:

chelsie and matt
Image: Instagram.

So... to recap:

Have we learned why Matt and Chelsie broke up? Not really.

Is it any of our business? No.

Was this very important, in-depth analysis a productive use of my time? Heck yeah.

Feature image: Instagram/@chelsiemcleod.