MasterChef will air this Sunday night, with 'full support' from Jock Zonfrillo's family.

Following the news of Jock Zonfrillo's passing, questions have been circulating about what is happening with the latest season of MasterChef Australia – which was set to air this week. 

Network 10 has now confirmed that the new season will be starting this coming Sunday.

The announcement arrived with full support from Jock's family – his wife Lauren, and his four children.  

"It is with Jock in our hearts that we cherish this season and remember the charismatic and big-hearted Judge and Chef who we knew and loved. Jock will be remembered in the MasterChef Australia kitchen for years to come," part of the statement read.

The network has also shared details on how this season will be handled. Here's everything we know. 

When was the new season of MasterChef Australia filmed?

Production of the new season of MasterChef wrapped a month ago, according to Mediaweek.

Like other seasons before it, the 2023 season was filmed at Centenary Hall at the Royal Melbourne Showgrounds. 

On Tuesday, celebrity chef and guest judge Jamie Oliver shared a photo of hosts Jock, Andy Allen and Melissa Leong while filming on set. 

"We had the best time working together for this year's master chef, I can’t tell how good it was to work with [Jock]!" he captained a tribute post to the 46-year-old.


Melissa has also spoken about filming with Jock, who she affectionally referred to as her "work husband".

When speaking to Mamamia in 2020 about filming Junior MasterChef, Melissa recalled Jock would always make her a coffee when he arrived on set. 

"[Jock is] the first person to turn up out of him and Andy – and he makes me a coffee when he arrives," she told Mamamia

"He's my work husband, so he makes coffee for everybody."

When will the new season of MasterChef Australia air?

In a statement on Monday, Network 10 confirmed the new season will not air this week.


The network has since released a new statement explaining that with permission from Jock's family, the show will air this coming Sunday.

Here's the statement in full:

With the full support of Jock Zonfrillo’s family, MasterChef Australia will air at 7.30pm on Sunday, 7 May.

MasterChef Australia Judge Jock Zonfrillo took great pride in challenging and coaching the contestants and of course inspiring a nation of home cooks.

It is with Jock in our hearts that we cherish this season and remember the charismatic and big-hearted Judge and Chef who we knew and loved. Jock will be remembered in the MasterChef Australia kitchen for years to come.

A special edition of The Sunday Project will pay tribute to Jock from 6.30pm on Sunday, 7 May. With contributions from friends, he held closely, the show will honour Jock by reflecting on his personal and professional life in a celebration of his incredible achievements.


In the meantime, the reality show The Bridge, which aired on Paramount+ last year, will fill the 7.30pm gap left by MasterChef until Sunday. 

What have Melissa and Andy said?

A day after news of Jock's death, Andy and Melissa shared tributes to their late co-host on Instagram.

"When I met you five years ago, I knew our lives were about to change forever," Andy captioned a series of photos. 

"What I didn't realise is how close Alex [Andy's fiance] and I would become outside of the kitchen with you, Lauren [Jock's wife], and your kids.


"You've taught me so much about food, but it's the lessons I learnt about what it means to be a great father, husband, and friend that I'll take away from our time together and will last forever."

Melissa also shared a tribute to the father-of-four. 

"Four years ago, the three of us stood on a precipice and jumped," she wrote on Instagram. "I could never have guessed how much of an impact your arrival in my life would have, or that we would be saying goodbye to you so soon. You were always supposed to be the bulletproof one who outlived us all."

Melissa went on to say during their time together, she witnessed what "true excellence looks like" both in the kitchen and outside of it. 


"Your kindness and generosity, the many lives you’ve lived, the way you carried far more on your shoulders than most could ever know," she said.

"Thank you for challenging me daily, for making me better, my work buddy and friend, purveyor of excellent morning coffees, hater of pears, okra and nasturtiums. 

Feature Image: Network 10.

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