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Um, we really need to talk about Martha's hat on Married at First Sight tonight.

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Married at First Sight has certainly reached peak-drama.

The definitely fake affair between Ines and Sam happened, there’s a chicken pox plague amongst contestants, a man lost his virginity on national television, one couple left, and now there’s been a ~cat fight~ (pls).

But there’s something much more pressing we need to discuss.

Something that kept us distracted from the totally genuine and not at all staged drama between Elizabeth, Ines and several double-strength cocktails.

…What in the name of all that is holy was going on atop Martha’s head?

The pink leopard print “pimp hat” she seemingly found in a costume shop stole the show by a mile tonight, and the world is searching for answers.

Did she have greasy hair? Did she lose a bet? Was there a Mad Hatter theme to the girls’ night?


We may never truly know.

But let’s face it – the hat is definitely our new favourite contestant.

And we can’t wait to see what it does tomorrow night, tbh.

Here's the hat looking concerned.
Here it is offering Elizabeth a sympathetic look.
Here it is enjoying a prime view of the drama.

It certainly took Twitter by storm, too (and we're living for the sartorial references):



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