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"He's had to interfere." MAFS' Cyrell explains why her brother Ivan is so overprotective.

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The sixth season of Married at First Sight premiered on Monday night and the drama has already well and truly begun.

But while the internet fell in love with the reality show’s first married couple Jules and Cameron, Cyrell and Nic’s wedding was a very different affair.

In fact, Cyrell and Nic’s wedding introduced us to Married at First Sight’s very first brother-in-law from hell – Ivan.

When Ivan discovered his little sister was marrying a complete stranger, he vowed to not attend the wedding.

“What happens if you don’t like this guy? What happens then?” Ivan asked.

“I don’t know this guy and I don’t want to know him. No one needs to be marrying a complete stranger. I’m not going.”

Despite his frustration, however, Ivan ended up attending the wedding, before pulling Nic aside to give him an incredibly awkward confrontation at the reception.

But while many social media users slammed Ivan for his behaviour, it turns out Ivan actually has a reason for being so protective of his younger sister.


Speaking to Now To Love, new bride Cyrell explained where her brother’s over-protective trait comes from.

“He’s that way because of my past dating life,” Cyrell admitted.

“I’ve dated some real jerks and there have been instances where I’ve had boyfriends and my brother has had to interfere,” she added.


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When your brother gives his speech… you gotta watch what he says! #protective #meanswell #familia #iwillalwayslovemybrother #MAFS

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The health fund consultant went on to admit that there was on boyfriend in particular that Ivan “just could not stand”.

“There was a bit of drama with that one,” the 29-year-old said. “He’s a lot like me, he has a fire in him and you don’t want to mess with that!”

“We’re very headstrong people with strong hearts. I look up to him for a reason, especially for his bravery. He’s been through some really tough times.”

Cyrell also joked that her brother has likely become “Australia’s most wanted” after confronting Nic – and honestly, she’s kind of right.

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