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"It's not kosher to me," MAFS' Hayley thinks Lizzie's return to MAFS is a 'little put on'.

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Oh… no.

Just when we thought we were finished with the endless drama of Married at First Sight, it looks like there’s a lot more to come.

So far this season, we’ve seen everything from cheating scandals to unexpected break-ups and even a goddamn pooey toothbrush.

And now, with the addition of two new ‘intruder’ couples to the reality show, things are about to get interesting.

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However, ex-bride Hayley Vernon has opinions pls. Although her and ex-husband, David Cannon were asked to leave the experiment after he used her toothbrush to clean the toilet – meaning she never met Elizabeth – Hayley is rather cynical over the new bride’s relationship with former AFL-player Sebastian Guilhaus.

“I’d like to say that I’m optimistic, but I haven’t got any feels for them. I think it’s very misconstrued… It’s not kosher to me,” she told paparazzi, as reported by Who Magazine.

“I don’t vibe what’s going on there. Not to be a judgmental b***h, but I just think it’s a little bit put on.”

OK. Cool. But there’s more goss.

According to a report by Woman’s Day, there’s a big fight coming between brides as well.

Yes, you read that right. Somehow, Hayley is involved.

According to the publication, Elizabeth and Hayley got into a huge argument during a girls’ night out (???) when Hayley began making jokes about her cheating scandal with Stacey’s husband, Michael.


“She’s out for Hayley’s blood,” the source claimed.

“All the brides [who left] return for a bit of fun and Lizzie comes face to face with Hayley… needless to say she’s not a fan.”

According to the source, the fight culminated in Elizabeth smashing a glass, before attempting to grab Hayley by the throat. (We’re getting real Cyrell and Martha wine glass flashbacks right now.)

It’s believed the fight understandably caused production to step in and separate the two brides.

“They had never seen [Elizabeth] like that before – it was intense,” the source added.

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The controversial ex-bride has also weighed in on Elizabeth’s relationship with former AFL-player Sebastian Guilhaus and she’s rather cynical about the whole thing.

But hold up… how was Hayley, a woman who was ‘forcibly removed’ from the experiment, involved in an actual physical fight with Elizabeth?

Does this mean that Hayley somehow returns to the experiment?

We. Have. So. Many. Questions.

1. Does Hayley actually return to the experiment?

OK. If Hayley is involved in a fight with Elizabeth, does this mean she actually returns to the experiment? How was that even… allowed?

Of course, there’s a slight chance that Elizabeth and Hayley’s “girls’ night out” may have taken place outside of the series itself.

But if producers were on hand to break up their glass-wielding fight, we seriously doubt it.

2. Why did John Aiken allow this?


You can’t just remove someone from the experiment because their relationship is toxic and beyond repair and then allow them to return for a fun girls’ night out.

It simply doesn’t make sense. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

3. Does this mean David comes back too?

If Hayley is allowed to return to the experiment, does this mean David will return for a “boys’ night” as well?

The man scrubbed poo with a toothbrush. I repeat. HE SCRUBBED POO WITH HAYLEY’S GODDAMN TOOTHBRUSH.

Surely David’s pooey toothbrush track record makes him a bit of a liability, right?


But let’s be honest – with so many couples choosing to leave the experiment, it’s not super surprising that the producers might be forced to bring back some familiar faces.

4. How long does Hayley come back for?

If Hayley’s returning to the show for a girls’ night, is it just a single episode appearance… or is Hayley returning for a longer stint on the show?

Seriously. What’s the point of leaving the experiment (after intense poo-related public humiliation) if you’re just going to return a few weeks later?

Plus, surely Hayley wouldn’t be the only departed bride or groom returning to the show. What about Amanda and Tash? Or Natasha and Mikey?

Are the still-married couples going to have a dinner party with the departed/divorced couples?


Feature Image: Channel Nine.

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