Married at First Sight's Davina isn't too fussed with the negative attention she's getting.

Dating is difficult when you’re Davina Rankin.

With Tracy Grimshaw describing her as “the most hated woman on TV at the moment,” the Instagram star’s current legacy includes sniping Married at First Sight‘s husband Dean from his ‘wife’ Tracey. A move which wasn’t exactly kosher on a show which very aggressively pushes the idea of monogamy.

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Speaking to A Current Affair’s Reid Butler, the 25 year old says she knows that she’s put herself out there “for the whole of Australia to judge” and yeah, she’s mostly cool with that.

“Yeah, like, it’s great, I guess, a lot of criticisms as well,” she told the program.

However, what was more revealing in the interview was the fact that apparently she knows what she “wants in a man,” an odd statement to make for someone that left her quest for love in the hands of ‘experts’.

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Instead, Davina says she’s “no stranger to dating.”

“I’m crazy, I’m all over the place all the time, so I need someone that can kinda keep up with me. Almost more than anything I need someone maybe busier than me to motivate me. Someone with a great sense of humour and someone I’m inspired by.”

However, backlash aside, perhaps Davina’s time spent in the spotlight has primed her for this level of scrutiny.

Starting her modelling career when she was 18 in men’s magazines, she says that social media has been “massive” for her career. Her Instagram follower count sits at 282,000 despite her last post being 16 days ago – an age in social media time.

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At the end of the day, in the middle of the hate and criticisms, there’s one thing Davina knows for sure.

“If anyone can deal with it, it’s going to be me.”