Married at First Sight isn't the first reality show Davina has been on. Or even the second.

Hey, remember Big Brother? Remember Big Brother season nine? Remember Big Brother season nine, week four? Remember Big Brother season, nine week four, episode 20.

Yeah, nor did we.

BUT… now that we’ve watched it again six years later, we’re not likely to be forgetting the delightful little snippet of Aussie reality television history anytime soon.

For it was the moment we, the people, first clapped our square eyes on Davina Rankin. Yes, as in Ryan-‘marrying’, Dean-texting, Married at First Sight Davina.

LISTEN: We discuss at Davina’s REAL priorities in going on Married At First Sight. Post continues after audio.

As pointed out by The Daily Mail, the 26-year-old Instagram model/personal trainer appeared on the Channel 9 program as an extra in the ‘House 2’ saga.

In case you were doing something productive with your life at the time, House 2 was a plot-twist device in which the contestants were duped into thinking they were competing against a secret second group of contestants.

The ruse involved fake footage of a fake house in which models and actors posed as the new rivals. Among them, you guessed it: Davina.

It's time to go... back in time. Look, there's Davina. Image: Channel 9.

Still, if you thought Davina looked familiar prior to this season of MAFS, it's probably not due to her blink-and-you'll-miss-it BB09 gig. (If you genuinely remember that, comment below and ASIO will be in touch shortly.)

Because just two years ago, the Brisbane woman made a much more prominent appearance on another primetime matchmaking program: Channel 7's First Dates.

We can safely assume things didn't work out with her setup, an Irishman named Anthony, who may or may not have been drunk at the time of their blind date.

But nevermind, she's got Dea... sorry, Ryan now.

The Twins debrief on the biggest talking points from the latest episode of Married At First Sight.