"It's not a true portrayal of me": Cass Wood says she's been misrepresented on The Bachelor.


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If you’ve been watching The Bachelor, you’ll know that Cass Wood has been portrayed as a bit of a stalker of late.

When she walked into the mansion she gushed that she already knew Nick Cummins and that they went to the same gym.

Then last week she wrote down some of her feelings for the Honey Badger and read them to him. She said things about love at first sight, locking eyes across the room and fairytale endings.

He responded with “I’ve bitten off more than I can chew” which is Honey Badger speak for “I don’t feel the same way.”

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But now the 23-year-old student and actress has had enough, claiming that she is being portrayed inaccurately. In fact, she says she is being edited to look like a stalker.

“It is crazy,” she told The Daily Telegraph.

“I didn’t know I would be featured this much. The first episode was pretty hard to watch because they only show certain things,” she added.

Wood said that she is feeling devastated by the things people are saying about her following her unsavoury portrayal on the show.

“It is not a true portrayal of me and what people are saying that I am a stage five clinger and a stalker. It is nasty and untrue,” she told The Daily Telegraph.

“Nick was really happy to see me,” she insisted.


It’s no secret that characters are edited to be “villains”, “the girl/guy next door” and “stalkers” on reality shows like The Bachelor, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt.

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Earlier this year Jen Hawke opened up about her time on The Bachelor, saying the experience with producers was similar to the television show Unreal, a TV drama based on a fake reality dating show, where producers go to extreme lengths to manipulate good TV.

“Before I actually went in, I watched Unreal and I thought, surely it’s not actually like that. But once I actually lived it, I was like holy sh*t it’s actually real.”

Jen told Mamamia producers were actively encouraging the relationships of between Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants while the former were still filming their respective season.

“It was nuts, it was so stupid,” Jen told Mamamia