The rather convincing fan theory that Sophie is the real winner of The Bachelor.

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We all saw the chemistry between Nick Cummins and Brittany Hockley on Wednesday night’s episode of The Bachelor, backing up many viewers’ guess that she will be the eventual winner.

But according to one fan theory, Brittany’s not the sure-thing betting agencies and viewers think she is.

Instead, some fans believe Sophie Tieman will walk off into the sunset with Nick – and their reasoning is that it’s all down to the editing.

The Bachelor 2018 Sophie
Sophie and Nick had a romantic pash on their single date. Image: TenPlay

You see, some viewers have noticed similarities between the way Sophie has been treated by the show's production team this year, and the way Matty Johnson's pick, Laura Byrne, was treated last year.

Piece of (let's say) evidence, number one: Romantic music played when the 25-year-old property valuer met Nick Cummins for the first time. The same soft sounds of piano played when Laura met Matty.

Piece of evidence, number two: Nick's solo date with Sophie was themed around her passion for boating - something she mentioned the first night they met. Similarly, Matty J organised an art-themed date for Laura the first time he had her alone because she'd mentioned her flair for creativity at the mansion entrance.

Piece of evidence, number three: Both the 2017 date and last week's date ended with very passionate kisses - accompanied by the same choir-chorus music playing in the background.

Are you convinced Sophie will be the winner of The Bachelor this year? Who's you pick?