It seems Margot Robbie is not called Margot Robbie anymore.

Margot Robbie is quite possibly the most famous Australian name going right now.

The 27-year-old from the Gold Coast is talented, whip smart, beautiful and painfully down to earth – not all that much not to love really.

With any luck, we’ll hear her name read off a card announcing the Oscar Award for Best Actress next week for her performance as I, Tonya’s Tonya Harding.

Only, Margot Robbie might not be called Margot Robbie anymore. At least not in her personal life.

Thanks to a small detail spotted at the wedding of one of Margot’s close friends, we can take a punt and guess the Neighbours alum has taken her husband, Tom Ackerley’s last name.

The couple who married in a secret Byron Bay wedding in December 2016 – where they cemented their love by tattooing the date on their closest friends, as you do – pulled a sneaky one and travelled to Melbourne to attend their friend’s wedding last week.


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Tom, a 28-year-old director, wore a tuxedo while she wore a $2377 metallic red gown by The Vampire’s Wife in a photo he posted on his Instagram account.

And although we’ve come to know Margot Robbie as, well, Margot Robbie of late, her name card at the wedding read Mrs Tom Ackerley, the Daily Telegraph reports.

No word yet on whether she’ll take Ackerley as her professional last name too. Maybe she’ll simply be known as Margot. Very chic, non?

Not that it matters either way. We’ll keep watching the Aussie no matter what her name is.

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