The final scene to I, Tonya that Margot Robbie deleted before the premiere.

Content note: You could say this post contains spoilers. But then, also, it’s a true story. Therefore, so does Wikipedia. 

Margot Robbie has divulged on the final scene to I, Tonya that we never got to see.

In an interview with pop culture podcast The High Low Robbie told hosts Dolly Alderton and Pandora Sykes that the second ending to Tonya Harding’s story just “didn’t feel right.”

For those unaware: In the Oscar-nominated film, Robbie plays Tonya Harding, a professional figure skater who was the first woman to complete two triple axel jumps in one competition.The film tells the story of her life, and the “incident” she is internationally known for, when her ex-husband hired two people to attack her rival Nancy Kerrigan, leaving her badly injured, in the hope she could not qualify for the Winter Olympics.

Because of her alleged involvement in the attack, Harding was given a lifetime ban from figure skating.

“It was her only safe and happy place in the world and they took that away from her, it wasn’t a happy ending at all,” Robbie said.

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After being stripped of her passion, Harding embraces her notoriety and turns to boxing.

The film's ending paints a sombre picture of Harding's life, but according to Robbie, the alternative ending was much brighter.

Originally, the producers planned on finishing the movie with a scene of Harding, her partner, and their son together.

"The real happy ending, in real life, is that she married a man that doesn't hit her and has a child and that's obviously the best thing in her life, you can tell when she speaks about it.

"And even though that's how her story actually ended up, it didn't feel right when we got most of the way through shooting the film."

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And so, the alternative ending was scrapped.

"[We just didn't] want to put the message out there that 'oh well if you have a baby it kind of solves all your problems'.

"It was like, 'no let's end with the boxing', that's more symbolic of what we're trying to say here. Which is that you can knock her down and she will get back up again."

"Women are so f**king resilient."