Margot Robbie was an absolute breath of fresh air on The Project last night.

Yesterday it was announced Margot Robbie, from the Gold Coast in Queensland, was nominated for Best Actress at the 2018 Academy Awards for her role in I, Tonya.

What did the 27-year-old do to mark the occasion? Appear on a staple of Australian television, of course.

She graced Channel 10’s The Project and now the whole nation is rooting for her to win an Oscar and potentially become Prime Minister, regardless if they’ve seen the movie yet or not.

She was a natural on the desk.

She immediately traded banter with hosts Peter Helliar and Carrie Bickmore; revealed how she ate Fruit Loops for breakfast, lunch and dinner at 17 (because what Aussie hasn’t?); and talked about her “pinch me” moments when it comes to meeting celebrities.

She was everything Australians love in a hero: grounded and filled with laughter, mostly directed at herself.

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She talked about working with her husband, British film producer Tom Ackerley, on I, Tonya – which they produced under their own production company.

“It meant we actually got to spend time together,” she said. “The hard thing about this industry is being in different places a lot of the time. So working together on this meant we actually got to hang out.”

She talked about moving to Melbourne and working on Neighbours at 17, and said the cast felt like her “family”.

“Leaving Neighbours was really like leaving home,” she said. “Everyone really took me under their wing. I was 17, in a new city, and pretty much just living on Fruit Loops. And everyone was like ‘oh, you’re going to come over to my house for dinner, okay?'”

She shared what it felt like to meet Ellen and the former US President, Barack Obama at a gym with her husband who was wearing very short shorts.


(The feeling, she joked, was just the same as sitting next to Peter Helliar on the panel – “I’m freaking out!”)

Her parents, she explained, didn’t take her acting seriously until she scored her role in Wolf of Wall Street alongside Leonardo DiCaprio – before then, they were pestering her about going to university.

And finally, what does she miss most about Australia? The thunderstorms. Because, of course.

You can watch the two-part interview on The Project‘s Facebook page.

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