Every single outfit Margot Robbie has worn this awards season so far.

From Ramsay Street to the world stage, 2018 has been a big year for Margot Robbie.

Not only did she pick up her first Oscar nomination for Best Actress in I,Tonya, but she also won a Critics’ Choice Award for ‘Best Actress in a Comedy’, not to mention a heap of other ‘Best Actress’ nominations.

And every time the 27-year-old has stepped on the red carpet, she’s absolutely killed it.

Margot tends to opt for neutral tones but her penchant for a bit of detail – whether’s it’s a feathered sash or good bit of fringing – means she never looks boring.

So in honour of the trailblazing Aussie, and because we all love looking at pretty outfits, here’s every single look Margot has worn so far this awards season.


Which outfit was your favourite?

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