"I'm irate." Guy live-tweets the most frustrating flight experience we've ever heard.

The passenger sitting next to you can make or break your flight experience. That is, make the torture that is long-haul travel more bearable or break your soul and have you wishing you’d never booked your holiday. The stakes are that high.

So when New York writer Frederick Joseph found the woman next to him had taken her shoes off and put her feet on her tray table, he knew he was in for a rough flight.

What followed was a series of bizarre responses from both the woman and the flight attendants aboard the United flight (because what other airline would it be?) Thankfully for us, Frederick decided to live-tweet his experience, and with his hilarious use of GIFs, his misery makes for a pretty, darn entertaining read.

Except, no one does. And the black rights activist is forced to question whether if the race was reversed, the reaction would be different.


Finally, having enough, Fred confronts the woman. And her response is one that has our jaws on the floor.

Fred manages to stay calm in a situation where we probably wouldn’t.


And then the story takes an unexpected turn.

And the scenario just gets weirder.


But when Fred asks for money…

Later, the marketer informs his followers he’s following the issue up.


Unfortunately, his phone call with the customer service team at United doesn’t go any better.


He can’t help but point out the ridiculousness of the sitituation.


But Fred knows when a mind can’t be changed, and he’s moving on.

This is far from the first time a Unites Airlines passenger’s less-than-ideal flight experience has gone viral.

There was that time they dragged a screaming man off an overbooked plane, and that time they blamed a young girl and her “extremely short” shorts for being groped by a fellow passenger. And let’s not forget, just recently, they let a poor puppy die.

So really, Frederick had a superb United flight experience by comparison.

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