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Mamamia recaps Married At First Sight: Timothy has seen the Lucinda Light.

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Hey, hello, hi.

Welcome back to another instalment of MAFS where I volunteer as tribute to leave this experiment and join Timothy and Lucinda in a throuple because I am THAT obsessed with this couple

We're told this is the second last Commitment Ceremony which means we are truly in the homestretch. Thank f**k. 

Tori and Jack are preparing for an "easy couch session." Narrator: it would not be an "easy couch session."

Jade is squeezing Ridge's pimples and Jayden is squeezing Eden's last nerve. 

They are no longer the most smug couple in the experiment, swapping titles with Tori and Jack as the most dysfunctional. After the dinner party, Eden revealed to Jayden that Sara and her ex had mocked Tim behind his back. Jayden wants to raise the issue at the Commitment Ceremony, but Eden would prefer to shy away from causing more messy confrontations.

"If you tell that story, I'm done with you," Jayden recalled Eden telling him. 

Eden can't handle all the drama and combative personalities and I've got to say, you're on the wrong show, love. 

'I doubt I'd get this much flack from Poh Ling Yeow.' 


But no time for Eden's emotional breakdown because it is Commitment Ceremony time, folks. 

Sara and Tim plop down in time for John Aiken to remind them of the 'BETRAYAL!!!!' from last week. But they don't take the bait and present as a happy couple... for now, anyways! 

For what it's worth, Sara does apologise for the cheating-that-wasn't-cheating-but-kinda-was-cheating incident.

Oh no... Jayden is saying words again. 

"We see right through you," he tells Sara, throwing Eden under the bus by relaying that she said Sara "and her ex-partner were making fun of Tim." 


Eden and Jayden then bicker back and forth as she refuses to verify what was said... because she literally didn't want to make the scene that Jayden just made.  

Tfw you're not the worst couple in the experiment for once. 

"I don't have any proof, I just want to drop it," Eden says. "Then why did you say it to me?" Jayden asks, as if he couldn't have had this convo in the privacy of their apartment. 


Jayden, bring back the power plait, you and this unmanageable mane of hair need to be contained. 

Everyone else is bored by these claims (big same!), as they want Sara and Tim to have a fighting chance.

Moving on! It's the only couple we care about!

Timothy opens up about his emotional breakthrough that came after he saw the Lucinda Light (AKA they totally kissed! On the lips!). "This whole time I've been closed off. When we kissed, I realised I'm 55 years old... I've wasted these years," he admitted. 

Alessandra tells Timothy that she's "100 per cent convinced that vulnerability is a superpower."  

The experts were a little too horny over Lucinda and Timothy's smooch. 

'Timothy has seen the Lucinda Light... get it??'


Lucinda and Timothy both agree they feel admiration for each other. "Admiration is the gateway to love," Alessandra says. 

Timothy admits that their progress feels "really good," which is perhaps not what everyone wanted to hear, but either way, this couple are keeping the show afloat staying together.

Jono is alone! Lauren is out of hospital! She better be back soon because we need her loose commentary.

"I'm definitely missing that big... energy," Jono admits, before voting to stay. Imagine if he voted to leave lol. 

Lauren is also staying put in this currently virtual, definitely sexless marriage. 

Even Sara and her captive husband Tim have more sexual chemistry...


Tristan and Cass are up next, as he admits he felt 'rejected' after last week's Commitment Ceremony so he 'retreated' from her. Cass then shares that in a conversation the night before, the couple accepted they would only be friends. 

Tristan admits that at least he gained 'closure' while Cass shares she's 'sad' the experiment didn't meet her expectation to find love again. 


Jade is all of us. 

'The injustice of bad things happening to people who aren't Jack!' 


As Cass votes to leave, she tells Tristan "The next woman that will be with you will be the luckiest woman in the world." Tristan admits he still holds out hope they could reconnect in the future after he works on loving himself first. 


Up next is Eden and Jayden, the once smug couple who are now the sad couple. 

Jayden said he's been 'copping the brunt' of Eden struggling under the pressure of the experiment, which is a weird way to explain how you betrayed your partner's confidence. 

Eden apparently didn't want Jayden to share the entire truth of what Sara apparently said about Tim. 


"She basically blew up at me and said 'If you don't say what I want you to say, I'm done with you'," he said, which he referred to as an 'ultimatum'. 

"That's ah... a lot," expert Alessandra Rampolla responds. At this stage, even the experts are checked out of this couple's forced drama. 

'Have you considered eye-gazing?' 


Alessandra assessed that an ultimatum is "not something positive". So true, queenie! 

Jayden becomes emotional when he speaks about Eden telling him to 'do something nice for her for once in his life', as he noted he has supported her anxiety issues and done special things for her throughout the experiment.

Eden apologises but he ain't appeased. "That shocked me... I don't know if Eden is everything that I thought [she was]," he said. "I'm doing my best but clearly I'm not good enough."

Hmmm, if doing your best is betraying your partner's confidence then maybe your best is... indeed, not good enough. 

Anyways, they cuddle, make up and both vote to stay. All is well, but the smug couple defs have no right being smug ever again after this sh*tshow of a couch sesh. 

'The power plait needs a reawakening!' 


Jade and Ridge are thriving, becoming somehow the experiment's strongest couple despite being in it for about five seconds. 

When someone named Ridge is being held up as the gold standard for MAFS grooms, you know it's grim. BUT I LOVE THEM. 

The experts decide to give Jack and Tori a night off. Haha jokes. John Aiken announces he's "not buying" their relationship. "I've become very bored," John actually tells them. 

Sassy John has logged on. 

"I like her... a lot!" Jack offers when pressed on how he really feels for Tori. 

"I need real responses from you," John responds.

"I'm sleeping really well!" Jack adds, as if he's just been asked how his body has responded to a new protein shake flavour.

'And I buy my jeans from the Too Tight Too Small store.'


Jade then pipes up to reveal Jack told her he would have wanted to sleep with Tori if she was more his type. 

"I said 'Fair enough'," Tori says in response.

WHAT IS THIS WOMAN ON? John is over it. 

"Tori, are you FOR REAL?" accredited psychologist, John ponders. Tori straight-up refuses to engage in any kind of conversation questioning Jack's words, behaviour, or general character. 

Jack says they are "sexually intimate" but haven't had full SEX sex yet. 

When asked about Jack's worst traits, Lucinda rightly says he can be "cruel". 


"Okay, that's your word," Tori snaps back. 


But it's okay, the experts clearly can't stand this cursed couple.

My last three brain cells watching me struggle to do basic primary school maths.

They stay to torture us another day. 


Speaking of torture, Andrea and Richard remind us they are still here. But not for much longer! 

They share how their contrasting communication styles have hindered their relationship. Richard is stuck on how well they got along in the early stages of the relationship, but Andie reminds him they 'didn't know each other' back then. 

We then get a huge sob story from Richard with minimal attention paid to Andie's perspective, or her hopes and dreams for meeting someone and this experience. 

Colour me shocked. 

They both vote to put us out of our misery leave the experiment. 

'And take your 57 scarves with you.' 


On the next episode, Lauren is back, Eden has gone MIA, and all the couples visit their hometowns to experience the horrors of inhabiting each other's homes. 

Fun, fun, fun! 

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