Tim has hard launched his new girlfriend, and all the other MAFS 2024 goss in one place.

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This year's season of Married At First Sight Australia has been the gift that keeps on giving.

Every year, we tune in to watch the chaos unfold between the brides and grooms on the series. There are cheating scandals, feuds and relationship breakdowns.

And this MAFS season has delivered, both in the on-screen chaos and the gossip behind the scenes.

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Here is all the drama that's happened... so far!

Tim hard launches his new girlfriend.

Tim Calwell has hard launched his new girlfriend, Barbara.

"Here's to a real Queen. I'm so blessed to have this woman in my life, she takes care of me, supports me and treats me right. She lights up every room she walks into and I could just look at her face forever," he captioned his Instagram post.

"Obviously I had a pretty challenging time on MAFS, but at the end of the day I think it really proved to myself I was ready for commitment and somehow oddly enough opened my heart up to receive love by a good woman."


Tim and Sara Mesa's romance didn't last for very long outside of filming. According to reports, Sara and Tim went their separate ways as soon as the cameras stopped rolling, and met up again only a few days before filming for the reunion.

"Sara flew to Bali with Lauren [Dunn] for a big girls' holiday as soon as filming wrapped and spent weeks there," an insider told Yahoo Lifestyle. "The majority of the cast assumed she and Tim never ended the show together because she just left the country and was living it up with her girlfriends."


However, their relationship reportedly continued despite her weeks-long trip because it was planned "way before" her time on the reality show. She also invited Tim to join her in Bali. 

"Sara flew to Bali to celebrate her 30th birthday with five friends and it was all locked in before she filmed MAFS," the source said — and apparently it was a "complete coincidence" that Lauren was there at the same time.

Alas, Tim and Sara's relationship wasn't meant to be.

According to So Dramatic!, Tim was allegedly on Tinder... while he was with Sara. 

"Jade dropped a huge bombshell that her friend had recently seen Tim on Tinder," one participant told the outlet. "Sara was completely caught off-guard. She was embarrassed because they had been sitting there all loved up all night."

The source added, "Sara was completely blindsided and hurt because they were still together and doing so well. She was really upset and crying. Tim and Sara went outside and had a huge fight about it."

Timothy shuts down rumours of being the next Bachelor.

Timothy Smith was basically a producer's dream on this year's season.

Given his popularity during the season and his single status now, the obvious question we had to ask Timothy was: would he ever do The Bachelor... and likely, save the axed series in the process. 


"Would I do The Bachelor? Probably not. It's so tacky. I don't want to fight over a girl and I don't want girls to fight over me," he said. "I'd feel too much like a c**khead." 

But never fear, Timothy has his eye on a different reality show. "I'd love to do The Block. From what I know, a bit of drama comes into it and I think it would be a hoot. I've flipped houses before and I know how to stir sh*t up."

Jayden and Eden broke up weeks before the reunion aired.

Multiple MAFS 2024 participants came forward claiming that Jayden and Eden broke up weeks before the reunion aired.

The pair's seemingly perfect relationship on-screen started to unravel as the show went on, but despite this, the two still confessed their love for one another during the Final Vows.

It's since been said that the couple haven't had an easy time adjusting off-screen, with one source telling So Dramatic! that they'd allegedly broken up "four times" in the months after filming. The So Dramatic! podcast did manage to debunk the above claim, however, a number of MAFS insiders standing firm on the fact that the two are officially over.

"Jayden and Eden are no longer together," one participant told the podcast. 

"They broke up a few weeks ago. He has been such a douche to her since filming ended, but she will not admit it publicly… She's so heartbroken."


According to the insider, Eden felt as if Jayden was "faking their relationship the whole time for the show."

"Which many of us had a feeling he was," said the source. "It's so f**ked. She's really scared and timid and really plays by the rules, so she's been trying to make it look like they’re still together for the show. She's worried Jayden will try to make the breakup look like her fault and act heartbroken."

Another anonymous participant claimed that Jayden "has been so mean to Eden since the show ended."

A third co-star said he was "super hot and cold" towards Eden once filming wrapped, leading to them parting ways temporarily over Christmas.

"After the reunion, Jayden and Eden were fighting," they said. "Then Jayden dumped her around Christmas, which was only a week or two after filming wrapped. He would barely speak to her once they left the experiment and was being such a d**khead to her when he did."

During their split, Eden apparently "opened up" to some of her co-stars about "what was really going on behind closed doors."

"Basically, he was gaslighting, manipulating, breadcrumbing and love-bombing her after filming," said the source.

"Jayden sent Eden some really horrible messages over Christmas. It was textbook narcissism and gaslighting and just being an overall mean person. It was totally f**ked."

The pair then confirmed the breakup news in separate posts on Instagram.


Eden alluded to what insiders had said, adding: "I'm saddened to share that toward the end of the show airing, our relationship came to an unexpected end. The 'reality' is, the person I chose didn't choose me. Whilst I'm disappointed, I will never regret the experiment, the people I met, the lessons I learnt and the growth this process has had on me."


Jack says Tori is moving to the Gold Coast to be with him when "she's ready". 

Jack Dunkley and Tori Adams had an... interesting time... on the show. 

Against all odds, the couple made it to Final Vows where the groom then told her diving into a relationship with her "was a risk I'm 100 per cent willing to take."

And in a new interview, Jack told 9Entertainment that Tori has plans to uproot from Victoria to the Gold Coast... eventually.

Tori and Jack on Married At First Sight. Image: Instagram @jack_dunkley.


"I've got a nice place on the water that's ready for her," he said this week. "When she's ready and the time is right, she'll come to the Gold Coast with me."

A month on from being outside of the experiment, Tori says she and Jack are a "legitimate" couple. 

"We are together, we are legitimate. We're genuinely enjoying each other's company," she said.

Lauren and Jayden's very wild night out in Sydney.

Jayden Eynaud may have professed his love for his bride, Eden Harper at Nova's reunion dinner on March 27, but just hours later, he was filmed shirtless and dancing with his MAFS co-star Lauren Dunn at Universal nightclub on Oxford Street.

DailyMail Australia shared footage of the pair on their night out together, including the moment Jayden decided to take off his shirt. It's been reported that Eden had also been at the club with her MAFS buddies, but left because Jayden had been "ignoring her" all night, according to Yahoo Lifestyle.

"Jayden wasn’t talking to Eden at all which was very noticeable and made everyone feel uncomfortable, so she decided to go home when they went from one club to another," an insider told the publication.

Jayden and Lauren were then seen walking arm in arm at another venue.

"She was all over him, but he was definitely enabling it."


Former MAFS star (and good friend of Eden's) Tahnee Cook said she found Jayden's alleged behaviour "disappointing".

"I feel really upset for Eden," she said. "I watched the footage from the Nova party and was quite confused and shocked at some of the comments he was making there, from saying how much he meant it when he said 'I love you' to Eden and talking about how successful their relationship is in front of the group, only to do this to her hours later."


Tahnee continued, "Eden is a good friend of mine and I know this is upsetting for her, especially when he was ignoring her the whole night, and the second she leaves he's taking his shirt off and dancing with a girl. It just feels a bit embarrassing — and why is your shirt off in the club?

"I find it quite disrespectful. It feels a little intentional to hurt Eden in front of the public and media when she wasn't there."

However, another insider said the friends' dancing and late-night club shenanigans were completely innocent.

"Lauren and Jayden were just having a boogie. They were playing it up for the camera and dancing with a group of people, including fans and Tristan [Black, another groom from the current season]," the source said. "She left the boys at the club while they continued to party and went home by herself.

"Lauren's always called herself a girls' girl and would never do something to upset Eden." Phew!

Lauren already knew about Jono's cheating before the Commitment Ceremony.

On the March 24 Commitment Ceremony, Tori Adams revealed to the group that groom Jonathan McCullough and former bride (of... someone else) Ellie Dix had been secretly texting, a revelation that appeared to leave Jono's wife Lauren Dunn surprised and a little bit devastated.

However, Jack Dunkley has now revealed that Lauren already knew about the bombshell that was to be dropped on Sunday, after Tori gave her a heads up.

"Tori actually asked Lauren out the back, 'I've got this information, what do you want me to do with it?' and Lauren asked her to bring it up at the Commitment Ceremony," Jack said on HIT's Allan and Carly.


Lauren has since confirmed, "Yeah, it's actually true... When we got there, we're still mic'd up, there's producers everywhere, but we weren't actually being filmed at the time. Tori and Lucinda pulled me aside and we had producers all around us and they did tell me, like, they didn't blindside me on the couch, they told me. But once this happens, you're filming a television show and it's something so huge, it needs to be discussed while we're filming."

That's the magic of reality TV, folks.

Courtney Jade claims she and Jack slept together while he was 'with' Tori.

Speaking of ex-girlfriends, Courtney Jade has also accused her ex Jack of being unfaithful during the experiment.

An Instagram story shared to Courtney's Instagram page, which was being circulated widely on social media earlier in March, suggested that Jack had slept with her whilst he was apparently still with Tori.

"When he says he's into his wife but he comes home and sleeps with me and proceeds to break my heart again," Courtney wrote. "I shouldn't have done it but I did not know the disrespect or outcome of this show. Lessons were learnt... Tori knows and doesn't care so enjoy my seconds."

Yikes. Jack also may have caught up with Courtney during filming, although she denies this happened. 

According to So Dramatic!, Jack "left the show for a couple of days to go to Melbourne" to visit his grandmother, who was dying. 


"But guess what? He also flew Courtney down from the Gold Coast to go with him," claimed one of the show's stars. "It all came out on the show, and Jack actually admitted to it... Jack's excuse was that Courtney was a good friend and a friend of the family. But no one was buying it."

Courtney Jade has claimed Jack cheating on Tori with her. Image: Instagram @courtneyjadey.


Apparently, the situation wasn't aired on TV because Courtney has allegedly threatened legal action against Channel Nine if they included any scenes mentioning her.

However, Courtney denies seeing Jack "during filming with his nan's passing", telling So Dramatic!, "I visited his nan before filming when I went to Melbourne with him. But not when she passed away."

According to comments on an Instagram post from The Wash, Courtney said she had "met all his family" and "he said he loves me" prior to him abruptly dumping her.

He also allegedly told her he was "moving to America for 'work opportunities'" when he was actually Sydney-bound to start shooting the production of MAFS.

Andrea shares the real reason why she split from Richard.

Following her exit from MAFS, Andrea has revealed what her relationship with Richard was really like.

On Sunday night, Andrea and Richard chose to leave the experiment, which came as no surprise to anyone watching.

Now, the reality star is dropping details about her relationship, what she thinks about the show and whether or not she's dating.

Speaking to Daily Mail Australia, Andrea said the reason she chose to not pursue the relationship any further is because their fights began to make her "feel crazy".

"Last week was very traumatic for me watching that. Your body actually feels everything you're feeling again, so it’s been a lot and it’s been sad," she said.


"Seeing our fight air out. It was pretty hard. I actually felt like I was going crazy at the end."

The beloved bride said she realised their TV relationship was over after one of their arguments.

"I was done after the fight. That was my boundary one too many times," she said.

"I really learned it’s important to set boundaries and liken it to baseball.

"So like strike three and you’re out. Not strike 17. So it’s a much more respectful way to live and I’m gonna hold that for the rest of my life I think."

But Andrea holds no hard feelings for Richard and said that she and her reality TV ex "still care" about each other.

She also left the show with a new dating rule.

"Yes, I’m definitely dating again. I just wish someone would ask me out, and I have to tell you if this guy shows up with a scarf on, I'm running to the hills," she joked, referencing Richard's signature fashion accessory.

Jack and Tori confirm their friendship with the show's most questionable grooms.

Jack and Tori have been spotted partying with some of the show's most polarising grooms.

On Sunday, Bryce Ruthven shared a series of photos on Instagram, which showed Jack and Tori posing alongside Jason Engler, Dan Hunjas and Daniel Holmes.

Fans questioned the couple's friendship with the polarising grooms. Image: Instagram @bryceruthven.


The reality stars came together to celebrate Bryce's birthday in what seemed to be a casual get-together, however, MAFS fans are questioning the nature of their relationship.

The photos show the couple enjoying their night with the controversial grooms, leaving fans disappointed at their newfound affiliation.

The reality stars came together to celebrate Bryce's birthday. Image: Instagram @bryceruthven.


Jade confirmed Ridge texted an ex behind her back.

Just when you thought there would be no more cheating scandals, a third one came out of the woodwork.

According to So Dramatic!, intruders Ridge Barredo and Jade Pywell's relationship isn't as loved up as it looks on-screen. 

It was revealed on the podcast that the two have been in Bali, sharing photos together on their private social media accounts. Ridge also has Jade's name tattooed on his back.


However, an anonymous source told the gossip site that just before the trip, Ridge cheated.

"Ridge cheated on Jade. She told me," the source said. "Ridge never planned on moving to the Gold Coast. He said he loved her but not enough to move his life for her."

Ridge Barredo and Jade Pywell on Married At First Sight. Image: Nine.


Jade has since confirmed in a radio interview with Hit Network’s The Pulse with Seany B & Emma G that Ridge had secretly been in contact with an ex.

She didn’t go as far as to say he had hooked up with an ex-partner, but she still felt a boundary had been crossed. 

"In the physical (cheating) sense like, no," she said, but added, "I think the line is very blurred with it. For me, I feel like it was a line that was crossed that I wasn't happy with, just because I didn't know about the interaction."

But Jade doesn’t harbour any ill feelings towards her TV husband, instead, she went on to defend Ridge's actions. 

"Ridge is such a nice person like, he's so caring to everyone so sometimes he can do the wrong thing and message exes without realising that it would upset me," Jade said.

"Certain things probably he disclosed that he shouldn't have."

Ridge has responded to Jack’s flirty chat with Jade. 

During Feedback Week, Jack met with Jade and acted low-key inappropriately, even referring to her as "Juicy Jade" in the chat. 

After the meeting, Jade admitted it felt like he was "trying" with the single mum, despite her being loved-up with Ridge and Jack being matched with Tori Adams. 

The couple appeared together in an interview on Today Extra where Ridge shared his feelings about watching Jack flirt with his partner. 


Ridge and Jade present a united front on Today Extra. Image: Nine.

"I feel like [Jack] said a lot of things to [Jade] that he wouldn't say in front of me and I'm glad he didn't because if he did I would've sparked him up like the fourth of July," Ridge said.

"I'm obviously very protective of Jade and our relationship."


Jayden addresses the rumour that he and Eden have a "secret pact".

Jayden has fired back at rumours suggesting that he and Eden have a "secret pact" to stay together for publicity reasons. 

In February, several sources told So Dramatic! that the only reason the couple are still together is to help draw attention to Jayden's kickboxing career. 

Jayden has now responded, saying there's no truth to the allegations.

"I don’t know where these claims have come from, but that’s a load of crap," the MAFS star told Daily Mail Australia.

"What you see on TV with me and Eden is exactly what you get."

This isn't the first time Jayden and Eden have been targeted, with sources previously telling So Dramatic! that the two "agreed to be a mouthpiece and puppet for the producers to start drama and bring things up for them, so they weren't kicked off the show."

Ellie apparently ended her relationship to go on the show.

Groom Jack might not have been the only one to end his relationship to go on Married at First Sight.

According to the So Dramatic! podcast, bride Ellie said au revoir to her boyfriend of four months to go on the reality show. She even told her groom about it.

"She openly admitted this to Ben on their honeymoon during the Confessions Box challenge. She said it on camera, but they never showed it," the source said.

While another, a contestant who spoke to the publication anonymously, said the bride "tried to insert herself into the main drama".


"It's funny that Ben copped so much sh*t from Ellie's cousin for being fame-hungry when that's exactly why she went on the show," they said.

A third source said Ellie has been applying for different reality shows for years.

"She applied for Love Triangle, but they moved her over to MAFS," they said.

MAFS groom Timothy Smith lied about having "no family". 

The controversial groom has been called out for having a secret sister after he claimed he had no family. 

You might remember during the wedding between Lucinda Light and her husband, he was asked about his family — to which he said they were "all dead". Turns out, he only meant dead to him. 

So Dramatic! reported the groom lied about having a sister, who he used to be "quite close" to, according to an ex-partner. He apparently also has "heaps of cousins in Queensland."

"Tim and his sister have had a very turbulent relationship. They have gone through some good and bad periods," an alleged close family friend told the publication.

"He was in contact with her when his dad died, but she told him she didn't want anything to do with MAFS and begged him not to mention her. Which he respected."

The source continued, "They are completely estranged, and I don't think they will ever speak again. So, technically, in his eyes, he doesn't have a sister."

MAFS' big boss Tara McWilliams admits they've kicked couples off the show for faking their relationship.

Tara McWilliams, who is responsible for turning MAFS into the popular show it is, told Daily Mail Australia that there are couples who don't go on the show to find love (wow, you don't say?).


"We're never gonna know how genuine people are (before going on the show). Everyone's genuinely there because they enjoy mixed views," she explained.

She then admitted they've had a few questionable couples that they have removed when it became clear they were not genuinely looking for love.

"I can count it on probably two fingers the number of times it's happened where we've gone, 'We're not buying this, and it's time to go', and I'm not going to say who those couples are," she said.

Sara has become involved in a love triangle with 2023 exes, Tahnee and Ollie.

The favourite couple to come out of the 2023 MAFS season — Tahnee Cook and Ollie Skelton — got caught up in some drama involving 2024 bride, Sara Mesa. 

The couple broke up in December 2023 and in an interview, Tahnee claimed Sara slid into Ollie’s DMs while they were together to complain about her MAFS hubby, Tim Calwell. 

"I know Sara was messaging Ollie and she wasn't saying the nicest things about Tim," Tahnee claimed on Yahoo Lifestyle’s Behind The Edit podcast.

"I remember Ollie mentioning this to me when we were together and I was like, 'Oh that's a bit weird' and then we just... we forgot about it, and then I was like 'Oh it's that couple'. She didn't really have the nicest things to say, so then watching it now it's interesting."


Tahnee noted Ollie didn’t show his then-partner the contents of Sara’s DMs.

"I think she had reached out after listening to his podcast, you know, a couple people reach out asking for advice and stuff. He didn't show me the messages which is interesting but anyway we'll leave that!"

Ollie has since responded to Tahnee by sharing a screenshot of the message he sent Sara. In a feisty move, he captioned the Instagram Story with a message directed at his ex: "Please stop doing this Tahnee." 

The screenshot showed Ollie sharing some advice with Sara while she was filming MAFS. 

Ollie shares a message he sent Sara. Image: Instagram/@skeltonollie.


Collins and Natalie were 'removed' from the show.

You might remember when Collins and Natalie abruptly left the show despite the groom writing 'stay' and the bride writing 'leave'. We watched as Natalie abruptly ended their time together, claiming her partner was putting on a "surface-level performance".

But was there more to the story? An insider told Yahoo Lifestyle that the couple were actually 'removed' from the show.

"The rules and premise of the show are irrelevant if they compromise a participant's wellbeing or mental health, and ESA [Endemol Shine Australia producers] take their duty of care seriously," the source alleged.

"Natalie had already tried to quit at the first dinner party, but was talked into remaining until the first commitment ceremony to 'see their storyline through'. When it then became apparent she would have to stay another week, bosses stepped in and removed her and Collins from the show as soon as they could wrap it up on camera."

The insider claimed that Natalie's emotional state played into the decision, with the MAFS bride's father having died just weeks before her wedding. 

Natalie and Collins on MAFS. Image: Nine. 


"The experiment is an emotional rollercoaster as it is, but factor in Natalie's vulnerability from her lack of relationship experience prior to filming and the grief she was experiencing following her father's very recent death and she was in no state to continue production."

In a post-exit interview, Natalie admitted that her grief took a toll on her relationship with Collins. 


"It's a rough trot being put with someone who lost their dad, [and] mum has cancer," Natalie said. 

"There were so many complex emotions that he would've had to really be able to battle with and try and overcome that to find love. And I get that that's really hard, really unfair."

For Collins' part, he was left disappointed his experience was cut short.

"I felt like I started the experiment at the start line and I finished at the start line," Collins reflected. 

"I missed out on so much."

Collins previously auditioned for another season of MAFS.

Collins proved to be a divisive contestant this season as the TV husband of Natalie. The twosome didn't exactly hit it off, with Natalie leaving the first dinner party in a flood of tears while Collins appeared more upset about the fact that his time on the reality show might be over, rather than caring about the welfare of his TV wife.

As mentioned above, they have since departed the experiment. 

But it turns out Collins has tried to land a spot on MAFS before, with a video surfacing that shows the groom's face in a collage of auditions for the 2023 season. 

Collins Christian was spotted in a 2023 MAFS audition reel. Image: ABC. 


In a comedy skit for ABC's The Weekly that aired in April 2023, film critic Margaret Pomeranz shared a parody review of MAFS. Eagle-eyed viewers have noticed that Collins' face appeared in an early episode.

And like clockwork, it's also come out that Collins could be an aspiring actor as, on his socials, he posted an Ashley and Martin commercial he starred in.

A former MAFS contestant claims they slept with Jayden.

Married At First Sight bride Carolina Santos is claiming she 'hooked up' with Jayden Eynaud while he had a girlfriend. 

Carolina is best known for ditching her MAFS match Dion Giannarelli to start an 'affair' with groom Daniel Holmes in the 2022 season. The Brazilian has shared an Instagram Story claiming she got together with the kickboxer, not knowing he had a girlfriend at the time.


"I didn't want to get involved in all this drama, but since so many of you are asking. No, I didn't know Jayden had a girlfriend when we hooked up," she began.

"If I'd known, I definitely wouldn't have gone there. Anyway, it's news to me, and I'm sorry to her."


Jayden hasn't confirmed or denied if they hooked up, or if he had a girlfriend when it allegedly happened.

Jack's ex claims she was dumped right before filming. 

The ex-girlfriend of groom Jack Dunkley claimed in August last year that she was dumped right before filming commenced.

Courtney Jade claimed in a comment, shared on The Wash's Instagram in August 2023, that Jack had broken up with her "right after I met his family and he told me he loves me". He apparently told her he had a "work opportunity in America" – but was actually headed to Sydney to film the reality show.

"We spoke regularly about our future together and I don’t believe he is on the show for the right reasons at all," Courtney commented on photos of Jack on his wedding day shared to social media.

"Good luck to his new wife," the woman later told The Wash. "I even started selling my furniture when we were together as we spoke about moving in together. This is definitely the worst thing a man has ever done to me. I'd been driving myself crazy for a month wondering why everything was so shady [when he ended it]."

Since Jack’s episode aired, Courtney has since spoken out about how watching her ex get married has affected her.

"It's been a very hard time in my life. One that I don't wish on anyone," she told the Daily Mail. "I hope this doesn't continue to happen to other people. It was a horrible experience and not something I want to talk about." 


*That* best man reckons his speech copped a bad edit.

Groom Tim Calwell's best man, Ben, delivered one of the most controversial speeches in the show's history when he ended his speech by seemingly comparing oral sex with bride Sara Mesa to eating expired chicken.

"Sara, you can find solace in the fact that, rancid or not, Tim will still eat you," Ben actually said. 

The best man has since elaborated on the speech and, err… he seems to have no regrets. 

"Everyone clapped and cried. And Sara was [even] tearing up because it was so heartfelt," he told host Megan Pustetto on the So Dramatic! podcast.

Ben gives his shocking speech. Image: Nine.


"I did have [my] beer goggles [on]. But I saw lots of laughter, and I thought people really enjoyed it, and there was definitely applause, which we didn’t hear [in the final edit]."

Ben claimed that the MAFS producers approved his speech before it went ahead. "[They] totally approved it. They said: 'Love it'," he alleged.

The best man added the premiere only aired the most shocking parts of his speech. 

No way! This is brand new information for reality TV fans! 

"When [the crude jokes] are sandwiched between the more heartfelt moments, it doesn’t feel so jaw-dropping. I didn’t wish to have offended people. I’d hope to have entertained." Hard fail, my man! 

Why Michael's original match dropped out.

It started with Simon Flocco, an Adelaide-based restaurant manager, who decided to pull out of the show just days before his wedding, which has been teased in promos ahead of the January 31st episode.

"In all of our years of this experiment, this is unprecedented," John Aiken says in a clip for the show, followed by a bride whispering to another contestant: "Did you hear one of the grooms… is gone."

Simon Flocco was a participant on MAFS 2024, attending the bucks night, before departing the show. Image: Instagram @_floccoo.

Compared to other contestants, Simon appears extremely serious in the promotional imagery for the show. That's because the photo used was apparently one he'd previously sent in. 

"The picture of Simon is one he submitted to producers himself during pre-production to show them his suit," the source told Yahoo Lifestyle Australia.

"Shortly after filming his backstory and the groom’s bucks party, he changed his mind about doing the show and quit."

He told the Daily Mail: "MAFS wasn't what I thought I wanted at this point in my life, that's all."

Image: Channel Nine.

Sources told the publication that Simon's exit had production "running around like headless chickens trying to salvage the situation", but they ended up casting a replacement.

MAFS bride Lauren Dunn used to date AFL star Ryan Crowley.


And the timing of their breakup is just a little bit suspicious. 

Lauren, who has been one of the many brides tying the knot this year, reportedly ended her relationship with AFL star Ryan Crowley back in May.

MAFS bride Lauren Dunn used to date AFL star Ryan Crowley. Image: Instagram @lauren_funn_.


While she's refused to comment on the breakup, Perth Now reported that she said, "the relationship had simply run its course" and that the pair still "remain on good terms".

MAFS contestants had to abide by much stricter rules this year.

Considering how... off the charts... participants have been in seasons past, reports are claiming that the 2024 cast must abide by some seriously strict rules.

Many might recall The Bachelor cast being offered a $5000 bonus to stay quiet on the outcome of the show. It looks like this season of Married At First Sight is going to follow suit.

"I wouldn't be surprised if MAFS put something like that in and if not, I think they should," Melinda said on The Pulse with Seany B & Emma G.

Feature Image: Instagram.

This article was originally published on January 30, 2024 and has since been updated with new information.