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Everything we know about the 2024 MAFS intruders.

Intruder alert! Yep, we might only be a few weeks into MAFS, but the experiment is about to get extra crowded with the addition of THREE intruder couples. 

Yes, sir! This is a departure from the series' long-running tradition of adding two intruder couples halfway through the experiment each season. But of course, there's more to the story. 

For people who caught the MAFS premiere, we'll know that we've actually already met one of the intruders: Michael was introduced at the hens' party, but found out in a later episode that his intended match Simon had dropped out of the show.

Thankfully, intruder Stephen will step in and marry Michael, joining the four other intruder contestants getting hitched this season: Madeleine, Jade, Ridge and Ash.

But who the hell are these new people?! And is a Home and Away star one of them?? Let's find out ahead of their weddings tonight.

Madeleine, 30, VIC.

Psychic Medium.

Image: Nine. 


Madeleine is described as empathetic, loving, energetic, charismatic and umm... intense. 

This isn't her first brush with TV, as she previously worked as an actor, starring in Wentworth, Offspring and playing Amber Simmons on Home and Away.

But she has since forged a new path as a medium by using her gift of connecting with the spiritual world. Madeleine admitted that the nature of her profession has isolated her from meeting new people and dating.

She recently ended a nine-year relationship and hopes to meet "a man" and "not a boy" who is kind, loyal and who will love and accept her just as she is.

The Daily Mail previously reported that Madeleine will be paired with Ash this season. 

Ash, 33, VIC.

Sales Manager.

Image: Nine. 


Despite his bad-boy exterior with his sleeves of tattoos, Ash is a sensitive and caring guy. He says he's often misjudged by women but is a nurturing person who spends most of his time caring for his younger brothers.

Ash is ready to find love and start a family as his last relationship ended eight years ago. The 33-year-old is hoping to break his habit of falling for women who live overseas and having to maintain long-distance partnerships, with Ash once moving to Norway to pursue a previous connection.

This generous and thoughtful man with "old school morals" said he's "tired of attracting women who walk all over him" and wants a relationship that outlives the initial love-bomb phase.


Jade, 26, QLD.

Executive Assistant.

Image: Nine. 

Jade is a single mum with an eight-year-old daughter, who admits she can come off as "cold" when people first meet her. Having been cheated on before, Jade has her walls up and presents a tough exterior.

The 26-year-old grew up in South Africa before settling in Australia. She's seen long-lasting arranged marriages around her growing up and hopes her MAFS experience will mirror similar success stories. 


Jade is looking to meet an honest man who can keep up with her wild and playful side, with the Queenslander not afraid to stir up drama or say it how it is. 

According to the Daily Mail, she will matched with Ridge this year. 

Aside from working as an executive assistant, Jade is a model, has over 11k followers on Instagram and is regularly spotted on the Gold Coast party scene.

Ridge, 27, NSW.

Psychiatric Nurse.

Image: Nine. 


Ridge has a lot on his plate, as the two-time Commonwealth Games weightlifter juggles an intense fitness regime with his work as a psychiatric nurse. That's called range! 

Ridge is ready to shed his playboy persona and commit to the right woman. He's taken inspiration from his parents’ loving marriage and hopes to shift his priorities to find a serious relationship instead of another situationship. 

The 27-year-old can be "loud, vain and cocky" (swell!) but claims he has put in the work with years of self-reflection and counselling. That being said, Ridge admitted he was most drawn to women with "tidy rigs”. Yikes. 

Stephen, 26, WA.


Image: Nine. 


Stephen is an identical twin and one of eight children who considers himself the “golden child” in his Italian family.

Inspired by his mum and stepdad's loving dynamic, Stephen wants to find love in a serious and monogamous relationship but admits he's struggled to find a connection in Perth's smaller dating pool.

The 26-year-old’s last relationship ended four years ago because of infidelity. After allowing time to heal, Stephen feels ready to trust and let his guard down with someone new. 

Stephen is a family-orientated and empathetic deep thinker who wants a man with a good sense of humour, a killer smile, and someone who likes to be challenged.

This Perth local is expected to marry Michael after Simon, the groom he was originally meant to wed, did a runner before their wedding. We ship it!

Feature image: Nine.

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