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Everything we know about the rumoured MAFS spin-off show, Honeymoon Island.

Can someone please call Davina and Dean? And also Sam and Ines? Because we have very important news for them.

You see, Channel 9 producers can’t control (or, more likely, actively encourage) the couple swapping that happens on MAFS and have also finally come to terms with the fact that their *experts* are incapable of matching successful couples.

So, logically, they have reportedly decided to give the contestants a brand new series which will make couple swapping a FREE FOR ALL.

Yes. There are talks of a new spin-off show called MAFS: Honeymoon Island, which the network is apparently planning as we speak.

Evidently hoping to capitalise on the show’s success, which has been averaging over a million viewers in the ratings, the spin-off sounds like it could be even more dramatic.


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Apparently Channel 9 will bring back past contestants from the previous six seasons of Married at First Sight Australia and fly them to an exotic island where they will freely be able to decide who they want to couple up with.

Which sounds oddly familiar, in fact the exact same, as Love Island Australia and Bachelor in Paradise.

And although Channel 9 has not confirmed the spin-off, Ryan Gallagher has told the Kyle and Jackie O show that he has been APPROACHED.

“Yeah I got sent a thing last night,” Ryan told the radio hosts. “I haven’t been actually formally asked.”

“I think it’s a load of crap to be honest with you,” he said. “I don’t think it’s going to happen. No one wants to see us with our shirts off.” (Yes, we do).

“We’re not Love Island people.” No Ryan, you’re better. And more rogue.


Talking to Daily Mail, a source said, “Everyone’s messaging everyone to try and see if they’ve heard anything or know anyone that’s been formally approached by Nine”.

And in news that will surprise no one, apparently some of the former participants “have even joked about hiding their current relationships if it means they’ll get back on television”. Which sounds… desperate. And a little bit mean to their partners.

If the show does go ahead, it will be based off the US version of the spin-off, “MAFS: Honeymoon Island”, which debuted last year in America. The reality show followed sixteen singles attempting to find love on an island at their own liberty.

It all sounds great and not at all similar to other shows. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

But I have some important queries about the format, like, does this make John Aiken redundant? Will he be replaced by our other national love expert, Mr Osher Gunsberg?

"Can someone please tell me how I fit into this?" Image via Channel 9.

Also, I think they should bring in Cyrell to host the show to set out the rules and then make sure that no one breaks them.

Anywho, as you were.

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