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Fans would like to discuss the part of last night's episode of Married at First Sight that made zero sense.

Let’s be honest – not a lot about Married At First Sight actually makes sense.

For instance, why would anyone genuinely seeking love try a method that has a frankly abysmal success rate? (Erin and Bryce are the only couple who met on the show and are still together).

However, last night fans noticed something that made even less sense than usual on the Channel Nine reality dating show.

As anyone watching knows, Sam Ball and Ines Basic are carrying out a (likely very staged) “affair” – secretly sexting each other while their matched partners Elizabeth and Bronson remain unaware.

During Sunday night’s commitment ceremony, both individuals chose to “stay” in the experiment, publicly to work on their relationships, but privately so they could continue their secret relationship.

Yet as viewers pointed out, this decision really didn’t make a lot of sense.

Because there’s nothing stopping Sam and Ines continuing their relationship outside of the show, in the real world. If that’s what they truly wanted, wouldn’t it have just been easier to choose to leave?

There’s no guarantee that their on-screen partners would have also chosen to “leave”, but neither cheater apparently saw the logic in even trying.



Some fans though, thought the reason Sam and Ines decided to stay on the show was obvious: for more fame and attention.


Others felt it added more weight to the theory that Ines, and/or Sam, are paid actors planted on the show to stir up trouble.


The main “evidence” backing up this rumour so far is that only someone trying to be this horrible, could actually be this horrible.


At least we can all agree that one couple’s decision last night did make a lot of sense – and that was Lauren and Matthew choosing to leave.

What do you think? Is there any way Sam and Ines’ relationship is genuine?

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