MAFS star Lauren Dunn told us about the one ‘spicy’ moment that was cut from her Final Vows.

From the moment she fake-tanned one of her legs (yes, just one) on her wedding day, Married At First Sight bride Lauren Dunn quickly became a fan favourite. 

And just as spectacularly as she entered, Lauren has exited the experiment in a blaze of glory. The Final Vows came after Lauren's partner Jonathan McCullough was caught out texting with fellow bride Ellie Dix. Jono and Ellie have since debuted as a fully-fledged couple, with the two expected to arrive together at the upcoming reunion.  

Lauren was applauded for her vows which ended in a 'mic drop' moment from the bride. 

"Although you completely wasted my time in terms of finding a romantic partner, you taught me that I should always trust my gut. Jono, I don't see a future with you, I know it's not me, it's you," she told Jono.

A few months since she delivered her vows, Lauren has no regrets. "I completely stand by it," she told Mamamia

"I think throughout the season, Jono and I went a bit of a gridlock whether it was me or him," she continued. "If it was my walls that were up then that was preventing him from being his true self, or I was feeling like he wasn't being his true self.

"The vows were to let him know that I've figured out that my walls are up because something wasn't right. And we found out why that was the case." 

Along with Lauren's biting vows that aired, the bride told us that some of her lines were removed from the final episode. 


"My vows were a lot longer," she confirmed. "There were some spicy parts in there that weren't shown. Obviously, it's a TV show and they only have a certain amount of time, so they have to edit it so everything fits. 

"But the full speech was impressive — if I do say so myself," she added.

Jono and Lauren exchange their Final Vows. Image: Nine. 

So what did Lauren say? Luckily, she told us exactly what was spilled.


"I said something about Jono weaponising my vulnerability against me when I would tell him things, private things between us," she said. "He had a tendency to throw them out there to kind of take the heat off himself."  

For his part, Jono shared some negative sentiments about Lauren in his vows too. "You said I wasn't assertive, that I was boring and robotic. You said in your vows you'd respect me, I don't really feel like you ever respected me," he told her. 

Lauren said that she could see where he was coming from but had other motivations for questioning some parts of his personality throughout the experiment. 

"I could definitely see where he was coming from. He definitely spoke his truth. I wasn't nice to him all the time, but it was because I was frustrated with him. I felt like I was married to someone who was giving me a very edited version of themselves. And I could feel that in my gut, I felt like he wasn't giving me who he really was," she said. 

"I think he was censoring himself because he was concerned about how he would come off on television, he said that multiple times. He didn't want to look a certain way after the muzzle comment." 

In the case of the muzzle comment, Jack Dunkley told Jono to 'muzzle his woman' at a dinner, a misogynistic outburst that went under the radar on the show until expert, John Aiken, chastised the men in the room at the following Commitment Ceremony.


"He wanted to stay because he felt like that would have made him look really bad, like he doesn't stand up for women... he wanted a chance to redeem himself. He was concerned with how he was coming across, I know that kept him up at night," Lauren claimed about Jono on the show.

"There was a lot of self-editing going on." 

When asked if there were any fun or romantic moments Lauren shared with Jono that she wished were shown on MAFS, Lauren didn't mince her words. "Not really. I think they didn't show it because it was not that interesting," she blankly stated. 

Lauren and Jono in happier times. Image: Nine. 


The Perthie confirmed she did not speak to Jono again until the reunion which he attended arm-in-arm with Ellie. After reconnecting at the reunion, they were on friendly terms but Lauren has shared that since then, the vibe has shifted.

"We did keep in touch and things looked good between us but I've since found out quite a few things that he's been doing and saying to try to make me look bad which I'm not impressed with," Lauren said. 

"I'm not really speaking to him now after that but we were fine and I have no issue with him. I just have an issue with him trying to make me look bad to make himself look better."

As far as Lauren's romantic life goes, she's got other priorities right now.  

"I am not dating anyone and couldn't be more single. I've got a very busy business so I'm just really focused on my career and getting back to my usual life," she said.

"But all in all, I am glad I was paired with Jono because I think we learned a lot about ourselves."

Feature image: Nine. 

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