Rumour has it Married At First Sight's Davina and Dean are paid actors.

Between them, Davina Rankin and Dean Wells have produced more drama than the rest of the Married At First Sight couples combined.

Partly because they aren’t one. There’s been blatant flirting, secret texting, a planned-then-abandoned rendezvous between the pair, all while their ‘expertly’-matched-for-TV spouses were in the same room.

With shamefully absorbing antics like that, it’s hardly surprising that rumours persist that the pair aren’t just salt-of-the-earth Aussies on their the quest for fame love.

Married at First Sight Dean and Davina
Davina and Dean are as real as the plants behind them. Image: Channel 9.

Some fans would have us believe Dean and Davina are, in fact, being paid by producers to create especially juicy 'reality' television.

It wouldn't be a first for Davina. The 26-year-old personal trainer/bikini model previously served as a fake housemate on Big Brother in 2012. She was part of a stunt in which the contestants were duped into thinking they were competing against a secret second house.

So, is MAFS 2018 the next entry on her acting résumé?

Not according to Channel 9. A spokesperson for the network flatly denied that the Instagram star and Dean were paid to have an affair on the program: "How ridiculous," he/she told The Herald Sun, "you couldn’t actually dream this up.”

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Davina's match, Ryan Gallagher, also shot down the rumour.

“No, I don’t think it is true,” he said. “I have never heard anything like that.

“People cheat every day in real life. It is still a common thing. So just because it is on camera doesn’t mean it is anything different."

Except for the audience of 1.3 million people, of course...