MAFS' Tracey put her hand on her stomach, and we ALL know what that means eh?

It’s body language 101. Crossed arms means a person is closed off, or the air conditioning is up too high. And a woman placing a hand on her belly means there’s something inside it.

It’s science. You know, in the same way Married at First Sight‘s matchmaking process is… science.

When one of the program’s stars, Tracey Jewel, shared a photo to social media Wednesday in which her palm was resting somewhere in the general vicinity of her midsection, followers started speculating. Obviously.

“Is Tracey preggas??”

“Is she knocked up ??” another so…. succinctly… put it.


Well, astute MAFS fan, since you asked so politely, it turns out the only thing growing in the 34-year-old’s belly is a hint of resentment toward her text-cheating television husband, Dean.

(Although, the two were spotted holding hands during an interview with Nova’s Fitzy & Wippa just the other day, and when asked if they were still together, Dean coyly responded, “We’re not supposed to talk about that, but Tracey and I get along really well and we’re really close.” SUSPICIOUS.)

Yes, the marketing consultant told The Daily Mail that she is ‘definitely not’ pregnant.

Oh. Okay then.

Alas, our MAFS science fails us again…

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