You asked, we answered: Is MAFS' Tracey Jewel who she says she is?


On her website, ‘Tracey Jewel: Don’t Mess With the Goddess‘, Jewel describes herself as a “a regular writer for many online and print magazines and blogs, including Tiny Buddha, Mamma Mia [sic] and Your Tango… with extensive media experience and reach.”

“I have written mainly articles in the spiritual self development space since 2004 – I started with NOVA magazine! I also copy wrote for websites, press copy etc for marketing clients on a ongoing basis and I hold writing workshops occasionally,” Jewel told Mamamia via email today.

Editor of holistic journal Nova Magazine, Margaret Evans, told Mamamia she could not find any articles written by Tracey Jewel in the magazine but confirmed she had been an advertiser with the publication in September 2011 when she had offered some copies of her book, The Goddess Within, as a giveaway.

For the content on Mamamia, Jewel says they were a “series of articles for a ‘Passion and Pleasure’ program [she] helped write with sexologist Nikki Goldstein and others and we promoted it heavily through the site”.

Dr Nikki Goldstein is a contributor on Mamamia. 

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Jewel created the eight-week 'Passion and Pleasure' course in 2013 with former partner Malcolm Day, managing director of inspired by their own relationship, according to an article from The West Australian.

The program, which promised the "golden path to experiencing long-lasting intimate relationship bliss" offered tips and advice from "more than 20 Australian and US sexologists and relationship professionals" including with US 'sexpert' Dr Ava Cadell and Dr John Gray, author of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. 

There are YouTube videos that feature Jewel as the TV host promoting the program.

The Mamamia team were unable to find the articles. "I worked briefly for Malcolm Day and Tracey Jewel to promote their relationship program Passion and Pleasure," Dr Goldstein told Mamamia.

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Jewel is the author of two books, The Goddess Within and Don't Mess With The Goddess, with a third This Goddess Means Business due out later this year.
Jewel told Mamamia her second book, Don't Mess With The Goddess, has sold 42,500 copies since it was  published in April 2016 through self-publishing house, Animal Dreaming Publishing.


The book is an "empowering guide to forging success, establishing independence and finding balance for a truly satisfying life through modern day spirituality" and retails on her website for $24. It's also available on Amazon and Booktopia.

Image: Amazon

>Mamamia can confirm that the initial print run of 500 sold out but Jewel said she "did not have the breakdowns" of the rest as to whether they they were print or e-book versions or how they had been sold.

While the numbers that constitute a bestseller vary wildly due to a number of factors, including the time of year published and how many they sold in a specific period, to sell over 40,000 copies of a book (self-published, no less) in under two years is significant.

According to an 2016 article written by Lincoln Michael, editor of Electric Lit, "most novels published by a big publisher BookScan [book sales monitoring system] somewhere between 2,000 and 40,000 books."

"If you go into your local bookstore and look at all the books on the various tables, most of those will BookScan between 2,000 and 40,000 after a couple years of sales," he wrote.

While non-fiction is a lot harder to identify and varies widely, Michael writes that "Overall, self-published books sell far, far less... but of course their cut of each sale is much higher."

Jewel told Mamamia her upcoming book was "a mindset book with advice on marketing for women starting and owning their own business... how to get out of an employee mindset into a business one and how to market themselves as their own brand."

She said it will be released with another self-publishing house, Hay House, "around June".

Jewel has also been "actively involved in the crypto[currency] world since January 2017" and is the founder of site Bitcoin Goddess.


On its site, it describes itself as an "easy to follow resource driven site" run by a group of "passionate people ...with backgrounds in finance, property, sales and marketing [who have] partnered with leading experts in crypto currency.

"I’m just a blog writer and I interview financial advisors and experts in the crypto space. I also openly share what I’ve done and my experiences investing. I have legal disclaimers around this.. I never give personal advice," Jewel told Mamamia.