"Nymphomaniacs in hotel rooms." Married at First Sight's Dean on what happens off camera.

Dean Wells would like us to know that apparently not everything that gets filmed on Married at First Sight is shown.

This revelation came as a surprise to approximately no one.

Appearing on KIIS FM with Kyle and Jackie O, Dean and Tracey revealed that they’re not the only couple that have strayed from their professionally selected partners.

Seemingly all recovered from last week’s Dean and Davina debacle, they gave us a glimpse into the debauchery that happens when the couples aren’t in husband and wife mode.

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When asked exactly what gets filmed, but not shown, the 39 year old creative director revealed that there was “so much.”

“We’re not supposed to party and that’s completely against the rules but pretty much every night it happens,” he began.

“All I will say is a lot of stuff happens in the hotel rooms that no-one really knows about.”

This comes after stories of a wild, drunken night in which a non-paired couple were caught in bed which resulted in intense questioning by producers.

And now we know that this wasn’t a singular occurrence.

Apparently, even the bin chicken of a husband agrees that perhaps the pairings were possibly a “bad idea,” essentially calling the exercise a social experiment in what happens when you put “twenty extrovert nymphomaniacs in a hotel room together.”

He might just have a point.

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