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YouTubers, an ex-reality star and a fan favourite: What we know about the MAFS 2020 cast.

Goodness. Married At First Sight is mere months away from airing once again on Channel Nine.

Precedent dictates that being matched according to “science” by relationship experts does not work. But alas – here we go again – still pretending this is all in the name of science.

Following Channel Nine’s bizarre promotional video released on Sunday night, set in a mystical forest, the names of some of the contestants have been released.

And who would have guessed? We have YouTube vloggers and an ex-reality TV star in the mix, ready to enter a faux matrimony.

Here are the MAFS cast 2020 we know will be appearing, and what we know about them.

Elizabeth Sobinoff

Elizabeth Sobinoff is reportedly Image: Channel Nine.

It has been widely reported in the media that Lizzie Sobinoff will be returning to MAFS to have a second chance at finding love in 2020.

She was one of the more memorable figures on the 2019 season, matched with Sam Ball who infamously body-shamed her on her wedding day. Oh, and he cheated on her too.

Lizzie will reportedly be an intruder on the season, and is said to be matched with AFL player Seb Guilhaus.

Cathy Evans

mafs 2020 cast
Image: YouTube.

MAFS 2020 contestant Cathy Evans is a YouTuber with a wide variety of videos, from "MOST AWKWARD DATE EVER" to "WORST DATE EVER" to "ANOTHER TERRIBLE DATE".

Yes, well. MAFS sounds like the perfect place for someone wanting a more positive dating experience.

Mamamia's daily entertainment podcast, The Spill, discuss what we know about the new season of MAFS so far... Post continues after audio. 

Vanessa Romito

mafs 2020 cast
Image: YouTube.

Vanessa Romito is the ex-girlfriend of former contestant Bronson Norrish, who married Ines Basic in the 2019 season.

Vanessa is also a YouTuber, with 642 subscribers, called 'Raw Ness'.

Aleksandra Markovic

mafs 2020 cast
Image: YouTube.

Aleksandra was one of the contestants who appeared in the series trailer, and she's also been on Channel Seven's Take Me Out.

Chris Nicholls

mafs 2020 cast
Image: Channel Nine.

Chris Nicholls was another contestant seen in the promo as he walked towards the 'tunnel of love'. According to photos published by Daily Mail of his wedding day, Chris is partnered with Vanessa on the show.

Other reported contestants include Mishel Meshes, Steven Burley, Hayley Vernon,  Mikey Pembroke, Amanda Micallef, Tash Herz and Natasha Jayde.

According to Daily Mail, this season will also feature the first lesbian couple.

See you all in 89 days, seven hours and 33 seconds.

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