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"It was confronting." MAFS' Elizabeth on how completely different Sam was on and off camera.

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Well, it finally happened.

After a week of rumours between the other couples, Sam Ball finally admitted to his ‘affair’ with Ines Basic on the Gold Coast during Sunday night’s commitment ceremony. 

“There’s times I’ve caught up with Ines,” Sam said.

“There was an attraction between Ines and I. And the opportunity arose where we could catch up and say hello, so obviously, we did,” he added.

The confession understandably blindsided his TV wife Elizabeth Sobinoff, as well as the rest of the couples, because, well, Sam and Ines had both flatly denied the affair was true.

In the end, couples Sam and Elizabeth and Bronson and Ines decided to leave the experiment, putting an end to the most staged affair ever on Married at Fight Sight. 

Now in an interview with Nova’s Chrissie, Sam and Browny on Monday morning, Elizabeth has revealed just how different her fake husband Sam acted to her face compared to on TV.

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When Chrissie asked her why she thought the experts paired her with someone as emotionally unavailable as Sam, she replied: “I think for instance with Sam, he might have presented himself differently at first.”

“I’m not sure, you think maybe [the experts] could see behind that but a lot of people at face value act completely different to how they end up behaving on the show,” she added.


For Elizabeth, watching the show back has been quite a “confronting” experience, especially Sam’s comments about her.

“Sam is very set in his ways. Seeing what he was like off screen and seeing what he was saying about me on screen was quite confronting,” she said.

Elaborating on Sam’s behaviour in an interview with Kyle and Jackie O, Elizabeth said Sam was actually quite affectionate with her when the cameras weren’t rolling.

“He’d come home and be like ‘I’m really tired but I want to stay up with you,'” she said.

“We always went to bed at the same time, we always set our alarms for 7 o’clock in the morning. We were always cooking…”

As for Ines, Elizabeth has “no time” for someone like her.

“It came to the point I wouldn’t put anything past her to be honest,” she told Chrissie, Sam and Browny.

“I didn’t have time for it. You can’t go out and purposely hurt people… and be like that.”

In a separate interview with Nova’s Fitzy and WippaElizabeth said she finally received an apology from Sam on Sunday.

“He was just like ‘Hey Lizzie’ and he didn’t even spell it right. He’s just like ‘I’m so sorry for everything’,” she said.

However, Liz wasn’t so sure that Sam had entirely taken responsibility for the hurt he caused her.

“And he kind of went ‘look what we’ve been put through’ – he wanted to put what we’ve been put through.”

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